Wednesday, January 18, 2012

17 Months

Stats: 24 month to 2T clothing, size 6 shoe, not sure exact weight and height but boy he feels heavy to his parents!

Likes: reading books, walking around town while holding onto mom and dad's hands, the moon, balls, going to play-dates at Chick-fil-a, climbing onto things/furniture, sitting in mom and dad's lap, Sunday school

Dislikes: eating green vegetables, getting dressed, being told what to do, having teeth brushed

Some new words: people, choo choo (train), tato (potato), peas, Nana (grandma), and "nana" (banana), Meme (my new name instead of Mama) and my personal favorite: Jesus!  We have a little nativity in James's room that we talked about all through the holiday and now he talks about Jesus whenever he sees it. So sweet to hear!

James, I feel like you have definitely made the switch from baby to toddler.  Your strong-will and stubborn side is beginning to show itself more and more.  You are pretty adamant about how you want things done, and you get very frustrated when we don't understand you.  This past month you have learned how to use a spoon and now you only want to eat things if you can spoon it.  I learned the hard way that maybe some things are better introduced later in life... :) You LOVE to read books while sitting in our laps.  You read your favorites over and over, and I confess that your dad and I have done the unthinkable and hidden certain books on purpose.  You love to do the motions to the song "If Your Happy and You Know It", and you continue to love to dance.  Your teachers at Mother's Day Out always compliment you on how well you behave.  Unfortunately you did get your first school injury- a big bite on the side of your face! I'm sure it won't be the last.  You have gotten 3 more teeth in the past month.  I think you only have your final set of molars left to come in.  We have made the switch to one nap a day. Unfortunately you missed the memo that you are supposed to take one nice long nap.  Instead some days, like today, you sleep for 30 minutes and that is all.  You continue to make your dad and I laugh every day, and its hard to take things too seriously when you are around.  We both love you so much!

Loving on Dada

You love your puppy.  You insisted that he join you for breakfast this morning.

Love bath time!

I did something awful and turned on the Wiggles today after the 30 min nap. I was desperate!!!

Reading a favorite story in the car. :)

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