Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall Fun

We have been having all sorts of fall fun around here lately.  Last week when I picked James up from "school" he showed off some of his first crafts to me.  The teacher in me knows that he probably didn't do hardly any of it, but I'm still impressed that his teachers were able to get them done.  He is already more talented than his mom! 

Ghost feet

Sticker pumpkin

This weekend we decided to put our shoe boxes together for Operation Christmas Child.  If you haven't done this before go do it today!  Ryan and I first started doing shoe boxes together when we  started dating over 11 years ago, and it is one of our favorite ministries.  My MOPS group also put shoe boxes together as one of our service projects this year, but Ryan and I really wanted to start this tradition with James at an early age.  He seemed to enjoy "helping" put the box together.

Later that day we went to a fall festival sponsored by our church along with several others  They had all sorts of games, crafts, music, and food.  James proved that he is Louisiana born and bred because he LOVED the jambalaya!  How many other places have jambalaya at a fall festival? Probably not many! He was pretty funny to everyone around him because he would randomly stop what he was doing and start dancing to the music. 

Here is a little video of his first time doing the bean bag toss.

He had already gotten one piece of candy and went back for more- little pig!

The next morning was Halloween so I decided to make homemade pumpkin pancakes (I have been on a pumpkin kick lately) in the shape of pumpkins. 

That night we went next door because our twin neighbors turned one and had their party.  Then it was off to trick or treat. 

I have written before how Halloween is pretty different here, and this year it was crazier than ever!  Here are some of the things we were offered and given while trick-or-treating:: chips, chili, packs of playing cards, rings, movie-style popcorn, and of course tons of candy.  James was also offered the opportunity to "pet" a fuzzy spider, go on a hayride, and see the inside of a haunted house that someone had built onto their garage.  He was pretty mesmerized by it all!   The funniest thing is that when people would give him a piece of candy he would do the sign for "more".  Such a mess!

One of our neighbors hanging out by their fire pit

Gimme that candy!

Love those golf clubs

So tired

A year ago at Halloween I remember JT being SO fussy.  We could almost not even get him into his costume, and it was definitely not the easiest of times in our life.  So thankful for my happy boy this year!  What a difference 12 months makes!