Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sting and Shine

We had a somewhat eventful afternoon yesterday.  James and I were playing on the floor with his ball (shock shock) when he suddenly started crying really loud.  I looked at him and saw a SCORPION running down his leg!!!  I snatched him and realized his finger had been stung; it was really red and starting to swell.  I have to admit I panicked.  I mean, I'm not really familiar with scorpions!  I called Ryan and thankfully he answered.  While he was looking up scorpion info I started trying to smash the nasty thing with my shoe, but he did not want to die.  The funny thing is seeing me stomp the scorpion apparently was funny to James, and he stopped crying to laugh at me.  Ryan told me to call the pediatrician.  The nurse there told me to call Poison Control.  The Poison Control lady connected me to the Louisiana office to "identify" the type of scorpion.  Thankfully it wasn't the lethal type and I have to say I am impressed with how quickly you can talk to a real person when you call the Poison Control Center.  I loaded JT up with benadryl and ibuprofen and praise Jesus he was okay!  However now I feel like everywhere I look I'm going to see another one run across our floor.  Needless to say we are getting the house sprayed tomorrow morning! 

After my heart stopped racing I decided to take James to "Shine on Line".  A local school sponsers it at one of our parks.  There are hundreds of decorated pumpkins along with food, music, etc.  Ryan met us there for a little while after conference.

Can you believe my child is in sleeveless clothes at the end of October???

 We  made it back home and it was finally time for bed.  What a day! So thankful my little guy is okay. 

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