Tuesday, September 20, 2011

13 Months Old

Stats:  18-24 month clothes, size 4 diaper, size 5 shoe, still our chunky monkey but you are starting to slim down!  

 Likes:  being tickled, any type of ball (you are slightly obsessed), pushing your cart down the road, being outside, going to MOPPETS, playing at Gymboree, eating lots and lots of food, dancing to any type of music- even to your mom's voice! 

Dislikes: sleeping past 5 a.m., taking afternoon naps, eating your vegetables unless they are fed to you in a spoon (yes you are spoiled rotten!)

James, this month you have really started communicating more.  You have learned sign language for "more" and like to use it to tell us when you want more food.  You eat so much, and I have a hard time thinking of new things to give you.  For breakfast yesterday you had oatmeal mixed with avocado and applesauce, a sweet potato pancake, Cheerios, and then you begged for some cheese.  This is on top of your 6 ounces of milk! A couple of your new words this past month are cheese, diaper, and bubble. You are slowly getting better about staying with other people.  You are not walking yet and don't seem to be interested in it, but that's okay.  The other day you tried to turn the television on with the remote and then started "talking" on our cell phone.  This made your dad and I feel a little guilty- looks like maybe we have been spending too much time on those things! When we ask for a hug you give us one and you love for us to chase you around the house.  You continue to hold the record for the worst sleeper/napper ever but also the record for the cutest, sweetest child on the planet and we wouldn't change you for anything!

We started doing Gymboree as a way to find somewhere cool inside to play.  You love going but we are probably going to have to take a break until next summer. 
Ryan got to come meet us one afternoon!

Busy box time

Ball heaven    

 Bath time is always a favorite part of the day.

Coolest baby ever
Love pushing this around the house!
Love being outside!

JT also got his first "real" haircut this past month

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