Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Heat Wave

I will be honest.  I have not had a good attitude about the weather this summer.  All of my family and friends have graciously allowed me to complain to them about it.  It has been miserably hot here.  Every single day in August has been over 100 degrees, many of the days being 105 and higher- and this doesn't even include the heat index!  I have been going stir crazy because there is nothing to do and nowhere to go with a very active one-year-old to escape the heat.  I'm sure it was hot last year at this time but I confess that I spent most of last summer pregnant on the couch watching every season of Dr. Quinn re-runs combined with TLC and HGTV (please don't judge me!).  Here is a little evidence of the intense Louisiana heat. Surely sometime it will cool down into the 90's and we will be able to go for a walk outside again!

The other day I came out of the gym at around 10:30 a.m. and this was the temperature:
We have our sprinklers on timer to try to keep our grass from dying (thank you Ryan who put this together)  Unfortunately we realized that one side wasn't getting any water...so we ended up with "hay" on our side yard. 
I think we need a little rain

It seems like the only thing we can think of to do out of the house always involves food. :)  This past weekend we ventured to Krispy Kreme for James' first donut. 

Disclaimer:  I am actually VERY picky about what my child eats despite all the blog posts that involve sweets.  I promise that he eats at least 2 veggies per meal, mostly whole grains, and does not normally get dessert. 

Needless to say he enjoyed it and Krispy Kreme had their air conditioner turned much lower than we do so we all enjoyed the break from the heat. :) 

Trying out a donut

He actually wore his hat!

Side note- we kept seeing LSU fans everywhere.  Bet people were confused by our "pirate" gear.

Watching the donuts get made

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