Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Grand Finale

Well I think its safe to say that James is pretty spoiled rotten, especially after all this celebrating!  When I was sad about Ryan missing JT's parties in NC we made a deal that we would do something special as a family when we got back on his real birthday.  Ryan got home from work fairly early which was the greatest birthday gift of all!  We decided to just do a little party with the three of us which was really special. 

Good morning birthday boy!    
I wanted to make the day as special and fun as I could.  However our options were somewhat limited because there aren't that many things you can do with a 1 year old and it was 108 degrees outside!!!!  The best gift I gave James was that I skipped the gym that morning so he didn't have to go to the nursery. :)  When he woke up from his morning nap we went to have an early lunch at Chick-fil-a.  Obviously we go there a lot, but this was special because he got to order his first kids meal! He ate a chicken strip, and we split the fries.  This was pretty special since I normally don't let him eat things like fries.    

He was skeptical at first but then LOVED the chicken
While we were at Chick-fil-a I got a call from Ryan wanting to know if we wanted to bring lunch for all the residents.  So we loaded up and went to the clinic.  It was great to see Ryan in the middle of the day and JT was a big hit with all the doctors and nurses.  It was funny to see him crawling around on the hospital floor (nasty!) and checking everyone out.

Greatest doctor and daddy ever!

That night I made James some of his favorite foods for dinner and then we had cake.  I was going to buy a cake but decided that was ridiculous.  I took the easy way out and made a box cake.  The funniest thing is that when he tried a bite he cried!  It kind of hurt my feelings but it made me really glad I didn't spend more time on it. Haha! 

He likes having the birthday song sung to him

Crazy child would not eat any of the cake.  His dad and I sure liked it though!

The candle was the best part to him

This is what Ryan thinks about that mess!

JT's feelings about his cake

He had to go straight into the bathtub

Present time!

Daddy got him a golf club
I see many golfing days in the future

Presents: golf club, personalized book, bubble maker, and swing for the back patio

Dear James,
The day you were born was one of the most memorable and precious days of our lives.  From the moment we met you we were captivated by your cuteness, your feisty personality,  and the way you bring laughter to all those around you.  You have brought us more joy this past year than we can put into words.  It is a privilege to be your parents, and we will forever be grateful that God blessed us by putting you in our lives.  The past year has been full of tears, stress, and sleepless nights but also full of laughter, priceless moments spent together as a family, and love that we never knew we could feel until we met you.  We love you sweet baby boy.  Happy Birthday!
love always,
Mom and Dad

First time with Mommy

First time with Daddy

Family of 3


  1. happy birthday James! I'm so glad y'all got to celebrate so many times! :)

  2. What a special day for your 1 year old! Happy birthday!!!