Friday, August 19, 2011

Birthday Celebration Part 2

Unfortunately the Holland's couldn't be at James' party because Whitney was getting her bridal portraits done out of town. We decided to have a party at their house the next day so they could still celebrate with James.  Sandra cooked a yummy dinner and Whitney made a fabulous homemade ice cream cake.  She definitely knows her nephew because he sure does love ice cream!  Unfortunately James was not in the best of moods that day and was pretty fussy and clingy.  I think he was just worn out from all the excitement and from being in a new place all week.  We had a good time visiting and just wish Ryan and Rod could have been there.  I can't believe the next time we go to NC it will be for Whitney and Rod's wedding- we are sooooo excited!!!

Whitney got JT this awesome present. However I left it at their house since it was a little big for our suitcase!

Playing with Nana

So yummy.  It even had strawberries in the middle!

Since Ryan couldn't be there for the party we skyped while we ate cake and James opened his presents.

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