Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sara and Rebecca Take on Shreveport

  Rebecca and Sara are two of my most special friends, and it was really great to have them visit us together.  They have both known me since I was born and we have continually gotten closer as we have grown older.  We went to church together, worked together with the youth group, were in bible study together, and have shared too many laughs to count.  They have a history with me that few people have.  It’s also really neat that they have known Ryan for a long time (Rebecca helped set us up and was his friend way before I was) so we had a really good time all hanging out.  I think we set the record for most random pictures taken on this trip!  

Rebecca and Sara came to Shreveport on Wednesday and arrived around dinner time.  The next day we began our adventure and decided our goal was to see how much we could eat while they were in town.  We started with lunch at Tiger Bites and then dessert at Frozen Frog.

James LOVES the Frozen Frog

Afterward we attempted to come home for James to take his nap but unfortunately he threw a fit instead.  After an hour of “nap screaming” we gave up on that and went shopping.  While out we had to stop at Buttercups for some cupcakes for dinner dessert, especially since that day was also Sara’s birthday!

Rebecca cooked a yummy birthday dinner.  Not sure what is going on with these expressions!

Happy Birthday Sara!

Not sure what is going on here!

 The next day we made the trek over to Bossier.  I wanted to go shopping at some stores I had read about.  Unfortunately they ended up being quite the disappointment.  But…we got to eat at this place: Big O’s!   Sara had on her “to-do” list that she wanted some Louisiana grub so she got a po-boy.  There just happened to be a bakery near by so yes…we got another sweet dessert.

We decided to take advantage of the triple digit temperatures and go outdoor shopping at the Boardwalk.  Every summer I do this and every summer I wonder why am I shopping outside when it is so hot.  Of course James wanted to pitch a fit in his stroller so we ended up lugging him around, and boy he is heavy!

Sara is not only a good friend but she is also an awesome photographer and has her own photography business.  She has done lots of photo shoots for our family and actually did one for our neighbors and their twins on Saturday.  I was impressed that she could get those two babies to cooperate!  Next on the to-do list was a trip to the Farmer’s Market to pick up a couple of things for dinner and to try some samples.  That afternoon we did more shopping ( I think I shopped more in these few days than I had in the past year) and that night Ryan cooked us a great dinner on the grill.
Hanging out at the Farmer's Market

Our final day together was spent going to church, getting lunch, ice cream, and an impromptu photo shoot of James.   Overall their visit was awesome.  I laughed so hard I cried, ate great food, and spent quality time with friends.  What could be better?  Thanks so much for coming Sara and Becky!  We love you both!

Lunch at Smashburger

I look like I'm on a commercial for baby food

Give me more ice cream Daddy!

Worn out from all this fun  
Sara's Photo Shoot

Look what Sara did while Mommy was away!
Playing with Rebecca
Hanging out in his "tunnel"

Look what happens when Rebecca is in charge!


  1. My favorite Crawdad Chronicles post ever!!!!! Goodness, we had so much fun! I love how silly we all are together, and I love all of our conversations and history. I can't wait until my net Shreveport visit! I love you all, and I am so glad my sister and I got to go visit together!!

  2. PS--I can't believe we didn't get a picture at the Italian place. Rebecca even said that was her favorite meal we had.