Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Past Few Days

 This is what we have been dealing with this week:  Our first and hopefully last nasty diaper rash combined with a stomach bug.  I think I jinxed ourselves with the whole sickness thing.  Last week I commented to Ryan how I couldn't believe that James had made it almost a whole year without getting sick.  Saturday morning that came to an abrupt end. This monster popped up out of nowhere and has consumed my time with diaper changes, multiple baby washings, and lots of yucky laundry.   Poor James has been in lots of pain, and I felt like a horrible mom putting on his medicine.  In desperation we even let him crawl around without a diaper to try to “air” things out.  Of course in the first two minutes he had crawled off his towel and peed on the rug.  Oh well.  To quote my husband, “Don’t worry Em.  Pee is sterile.” :) Of course whenever you have a sick child its always the same time that your husband works extra long hours.  Tuesday morning Ryan left at 1 a.m. for the day and James was up at 4 a.m. hollering. When I went to check on him I noticed that he had a diaper explosion that had over-spilled into the crib.  Straight into the bathtub he went.  Thankfully we seem to finally be on the mend and things are finally starting to be a little more normal.   Stomach bug- stay away from the Holland household! 

"Airing" things out
Finally feeling better!

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