Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Beach Week


If you asked me what I missed most about North Carolina after the people who live there would probably be the beach.  It’s so sad (especially during the summer) to be landlocked here.  We also really miss the ability to "get away" for just a night or two.  There aren't many places in a close radius that you can do that here! My parents graciously rented a condo for us to stay in while we were in Wilmington.  Unfortunately Ryan had to fly back to LA for work, but James and I got to stay the whole week and it was great!!!  We took soooooo many pictures but here are just a few of how we spent our days.

 Special time with Daddy
A little time as a family
Playing in the sand

Splashing in the water

Swimming in the pool


Eating good food

Playing with toys

Watching early morning sunrises (since JT got up between 4 and 5 every day!)

Long walks on the beach

Seeing Great-Grandma

Making special memories 
Thanks so much Mom and Dad! We had such a great time!!!

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  1. Your parents are so sweet and such a blessing to your family!