Monday, June 20, 2011

The Tenth Month

Stats: no doctor's appointment this month, but you are so heavy! You wear some 12 month clothes but mostly 18 months and are in a size 4 diaper.  

Likes:  sticking your tongue out at your dad, food, milk, playing with your toys, waving to people, talking as loud as possible, climbing all over everything and everyone, pulling on the blinds, taking the trash out of the trashcan, playing with your toys (especially balls and your ring stacker), grinding your teeth (which drives your mom crazy!) all food but especially Italian

Dislikes: being told to feed yourself, drinking from a cup, teething, having to take a nap, not being given an unlimited amount of Italian food

I cannot believe we have a ten month old!  That sounds so old, and I can't believe my sweet baby will be one in just a short while.  James, this has been the month of mobility.  You started crawling just a few days after your nine month birthday and haven't stopped moving since.  You are into everything and can crawl fast.  You normally crawl the fastest when you want to go see your Daddy, but when you want your mom you just sit still and scream for her.  You also are pulling up on anything you can find and have started walking when holding onto furniture.  The sweetest sound you make is when you call for Mama, and I love to hear it!  You love to eat and I can't believe the amount of food you consume each day.  So far you have 8 teeth and the drool associated with teething has been unbelievable! You get excited when we say, "milk, breakfast, lunch, and dinner" and start kicking and laughing with excitement. Every morning you wake up bright and early so you can hang out with your Daddy while he gets ready for work. Your dad and I love you more than you will ever know, and the time we get to spend together all three of us is both memorable and precious. We love you James!

Here are some of the memories from the past month. We have been trying to stay busy during the hot summer months here in Louisiana.  One of our new activities is going to story time each Wednesday at the library.  The kids do sign language, sing song, read stories, watch puppets, blow bubbles, etc.  James loves looking at the other kids and trying to participate.  Ryan got out of surgery early one day and got to meet us at the library.  We were so surprised! 

Story time

We also went to Barnes and Noble to try to beat the heat and read some books.  After destroying one area of the store and JT throwing up on the floor I decided it was time to move on. 

Ryan has had a little bit more flexible schedule this past month so we got to go meet him for lunch in between surgery and clinic one day at the hospital.  James and I went to clinic to meet all of his nurses.  James was the talk of the clinic!

We also had our first play date with our neighbor's twins.  We tried to take a walk, but we started to melt from the heat and Jack decided he was not so happy.  Instead the kids just played on the floor and had a great time.

I don't let JT watch television yet, but one day I was desperate.  I really needed a little break. I finally caved and let him watch a Baby Einstein.  However the joke was on me because after 5 minutes he was done being interested! So much for that plan.  

TV time!

One of our issues this past month has been what to do about the car being hot.  Since James is rear facing and we don't have vents in the back of the car, it is really hot.  It also has been almost 100 degrees or over the entire month of June so far!  So....this was Ryan's solution.  James was pretty surprised the first day, but he likes his fan now. 

As mentioned earlier James is officially into everything, and our house will never recover.  Here is some of the evidence of that!

Taking out the spices
The fireplace is a cool toy


We continue to have a strong-willed child who will touch, pick up, and put food on floor but refuse to put in mouth!
A few other memories from the tenth month:

Breakfast at Chick-fil-a

Taking a break from playing
Life is tiring around here!

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