Friday, June 3, 2011

5 years

Wow- how has it already been 5 years?!?!? That’s half a decade- crazy!!! Well, its 8:00 at night on our anniversary and Ryan isn’t even home from work yet. Needless to say we aren’t celebrating tonight, but luckily we already got to have a special date. When I saw Ryan’s schedule for the month and realized he would be working I secretly got a babysitter signed up to come the night before our anniversary. This was pretty special because we never get babysitters since a) we don’t know anyone here and b) they are expensive! It was funny to be on the other side and be the parent instead of the sitter. In high school/college it was always me who was doing the babysitting and I always drug Ryan along with me. We even paid for a huge chunk of our honeymoon from our babysitting “fund”. I realized last night that of the five years we have been married so far Ryan has something work or school related 4 out of the 5 years. Oh well! So we got the babysitter and I had gotten a Living Social coupon to Ristorante Giuseppe. We had a nice leisurely dinner and stayed out till almost 10:00 which is major late for us! (Now before anyone makes fun of us for being old folks and not staying out late and going to bed so early remember that Ryan is often gone by 6:00 and James wakes up at 5:30…on a good day!) We had a great time, and James slept for the babysitter the whole time we were gone.

Thank goodness for the self-timer

Our annual picture- this way we always know what year it was!

I feel blessed to say that after 5 years of marriage and 11 years of dating I am more in love with Ryan than I have ever been. Every day I appreciate him more for how he takes care of James and me and often sacrifices so much for us. When I think back to our wedding day I always get a little emotional because it was truly one of the most special days in our lives spent with the people closest to us. Thank you Ryan for continuing to love me in spite of my many imperfections and for inspiring me to become a better person each day. Thank you God for allowing me the privilege of being married to my best friend and for the years we have had together. Happy Anniversary!

Found this one when browsing and just had to include it. Is Hayden cute or what?!?!

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  1. I'm just glad Hayden walked down that aisle. Haha. Love you guys! Happy Anniversary!