Saturday, April 16, 2011

Key West

Ryan has been on vacation this past week and we knew we wanted to take advantage of it. This is his only real “fun” week off for the year so we decided to venture off to Key West! I still wasn’t really ready to leave James for so long and the logistics of having someone come here to take care of him aren’t the easiest. I confess- I am pretty attached to the kid. So… Mom graciously offered to be our “nanny” again and she even convinced Dad to come along for the ride. We were hoping that David would be able to come, but he wasn’t able to this time. We missed you David! The first night we ate dinner where we were staying. We got to eat right on the beach and see the sun go down. It was a beautiful sunset!

When we got back to our “cottage” that we were staying at Ryan and I realized that the air conditioner wasn’t working. The good news is that they gave us a free upgrade to the ocean front cottage so we had a beautiful view of the water and the sunrise. (which we got to see every morning since JT decided to get up around 4 each day! ) The next day we hung out on the beach and in the pool. James wasn’t too sure about the ocean again but did enjoying splashing in the pool and chilling on his float.

It's 5:00 somewhere, right? :)

Chilling on the float

Over the next couple of days we hung out in the sun, walked along the famous “Duval” street, saw the sunset at Mallory Square, and of course ate lots of yummy seafood. I confess that I did also find time to sneak in a massage at the spa, and it was awesome!

James enjoys lunch on the beach...and anywhere else for that matter!

Ryan and I decided to take advantage of having the grandparents to babysit and took a 26 mile jet ski tour around the island. I’m sure some of you know that the last time I was on a jet ski I ended up lost and stranded on Lake Tillery with poor Sara. Haha- needless to say I made sure to follow the guide on this trip. It was a lot of fun to hear about the history of Key West and explore some of the areas while being on a jet ski. I’m proud to say that neither of us fell off even though a few people in our group did.

We have discovered that we have outgrown the hotel room setup now that we have a baby. It was great to be in a “cottage” while in Key West. It came with a living room and kitchen that we could hang out in, wash bottles, store food, etc. We knew that we wanted JT in an area away from us and that was as dark and quiet as possible so he ended up in…..the bathroom! Poor kid. We even brought his IPOD and plugged it in the bathroom so he could listen to his music.

Bath in the sink, bed in the bathroom!

Hanging out at the cottage
Another neat thing about where we stayed was that it was on a little island right beside Key West. That meant you could get away from the craziness over there but still enjoy all that Key West had to offer. The hotel had a boat that took you back and forth. James enjoyed riding it!

Overall we had an awesome trip. It was great to get away from the stress of work and home and spend time together as a family. We miss the beach so much now that we live in a state that has NO beach anywhere nearby. James did great, and my parents were so helpful with him. Thanks Mom and Dad for all you did for us!

Worn out on the plane ride home. If only this had lasted!

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