Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Eighth Month

Stats: no doctor's appointment this month but you are getting really big and heavy! You wear mostly 9 or 12 month clothes and wear size 3 diapers during the day and the really big size 4 at night.
Likes: milk, all of your "baby" food, drooling, scooting backwards (especially in your crib) laughing when we tickle you under your arms, crawfish, fans, cell phones, and television remotes

Dislikes: your new car seat, finger foods, the nursery at the gym

James, your dad and I can't believe how big you are getting! You are interested in everything and are so fun to watch as you interact with the world. It's definitely obvious when you are happy or frustrated, and you let us know exactly what you want. Your stubborn streak is still there but you also are very sweet and love to give us smiles. We love you so much!

This past month you got two new teeth- the top two. Your teeth didn't make you fussy, but they sure do make you drool!

You have gotten so big and tall. Your infant car seat is too small for you so we had to put you in your new convertible seat. You are not always very happy in it.

There are plenty of toys in the house for you but of course these are the ones you want to play with!

One of your new tricks is pulling up to stand by yourself. Daddy had to lower your crib and your playpen because your mom worried you might topple over the side!

We took you to the park for the first time. When we got there you were fast asleep, but we woke you up and made you play with us.

We also went to Norton Art Gallery before church one Sunday and took a few pictures. It was beautiful there but you seemed a little confused as to why we put you on the ground in your Sunday clothes.

Mom, why am I here?
The biggest change of all over the past month is you finally are getting the hang of sleeping, and we are so thankful!!!! You don't sleep through the night every night but enough to give your parents hope for the future. You do best when we put you to sleep really early, around 6:30. Most days you take 2 naps, one around 8 and the other around 12. If you have time you like to sneak in a power nap around 4.

You are a joy to be with!

Your daddy wanted you to wear your scrubs one more time. We love your little stomach hanging out!

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