Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Crawfish Boil #2

Lindsey and Neil from our Sunday school class hosted their annual crawfish boil, and we were fortunate to be invited. Ryan was especially excited because he LOVES some crawdad tails! Ryan was working and got stuck at the hospital, so I figured our plans were probably scratched. Ryan ended up racing home, and we were only an hour late to the boil. The advantage of having JT this year at the Crawfish boil is that I got to hold him while Ryan peeled my tails for me. Am I spoiled or what?! :) James was thrilled to get to hold his first crawfish, but he couldn’t figure out how to “suck the head”. He doesn’t understand why Gerber doesn’t include crawfish in their stage two baby foods. I have no doubt he would have eaten it if we let him. The child does not turn down food!!!! Enjoy it while we are here guys because they don't make these creatures in NC!

What is this thing?

Dad, give me a bite!

Aerial view of the two new teeth

Yes I confess that I bought this outfit in honor of Crawfish season and JT's Louisiana heritage

So thankful for these two!

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