Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The bunny hop with Nana and Pop!

We were so excited that Ryan's mom and dad were able to come for a long weekend and celebrate Easter with us. The first day they were here we loaded up and headed for the boardwalk. It was a beautiful day with great weather. JT got some adorable clothes from his Nana and we all had lunch at Joe's Crab Shack. Ryan and I love crab legs, and that is one of the only places you can get them here! James was not feeling so hot, and I realized during lunch that he was running a fever...whoops. Guess we shouldn't have taken him out but he was a good sport about it! :)

Sick or not we had to find time to see the Easter bunny! After our experience with Santa I wasn't sure what to expect but JT loved the bunny!

The next day Sandra and I took James to get his picture taken while the guys watched golf and went to some of the "guy" stores in town. We met up after awhile and went to Biscotti's for lunch and ran some more errands. Of course we had to stop by and get some cupcakes while we were out! We were all pretty worn out by then so we headed home to take a break. Later that night Nana and Pop babysat so Ryan and I could go out to eat.

Getting ready to go get pictures taken

It takes a lot of energy to go shopping!
Relaxing after a day of running around town...not the most appropriate picture but pretty funny!
Easter Sunday arrived and the bunny came to see everyone in the house! JT's favorite thing was the box that the chocolate rabbit came in. We all went to church, out to lunch for some Mexican food, and then unfortunately back to the airport. We had a wonderful visit with Sandra and Rick, and they were so helpful with James. Thanks again for everything! Come see us again soon!

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