Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Sixth Month

(James is wearing one of Ryan's first outfits above- it was almost too small!)

The Sixth Month:

Stats: 18 lbs 14 oz, 26 inches long
Likes: milk, cereal, all baby food that is given to you, sitting up by yourself, laughing out loud, reaching for Mommy to hold you
Dislikes: naps, the Ferber method, teething, hearing other kids cry in the nursery, being on airplanes for long periods of time, being in the pool/ocean

Special Memories:
We love having visitors to come see us. We know its a huge sacrifice in terms of time, money, and effort. Not to mention putting up with hearing a baby cry constantly throughout the night! We have been SO blessed to have lots of people come stay with us since we moved here. We were excited to have Granny Deb and Marianne come visit us this month. They both helped us try to "Ferber" JT. Bless their hearts- they were up constantly during the nights that they were here. It probably took them weeks to recover. We had a fun time shopping, going out to eat, and having lots of good conversation. We also decided to take advantage of the Mardi Gras season and have a mini celebration with a Kings cake. I got the baby in the very first slice! For those of you not from the great state of LA its tradition that whoever gets the baby hidden in his/her slice of cake has to buy the cake for the next year. We were sad that Marianne had to leave after a couple of days- thanks for all of your help while you were here and thank you Joe, Madeline, and Hayden for letting her come! :)

Granny Deb had been convinced to stay a little longer so she could be our "nanny" on our trip to Dallas. Ryan had a week off for vacation, and I wasn't quite ready to leave James for so long. That being said Ryan and I REALLY wanted to get out of town for a couple of nights and go spend some of our Christmas money. We have gone to Dallas several times now. Its a pretty easy drive (except for the insane traffic) and there are lots of great shops and restaurants. James did pretty good for his first family vacation. During one of his "not so good" moments my mom noticed that he had a tooth coming through. It was easy to see due to JT's mouth being open while yelling. A few days later another one came through.

Hanging out in the hotel

Date night to the Silver Fox- sooooo yummy!

My mom turned the big "60" this year, and my dad decided she deserved a vacation (which she definitely did!) David and I didn't think we would be able to go (and we knew Ryan wouldn't be able to) but at the last minute we figured we would surprise her and show up in St. Thomas. It was quite hectic since I had only 36 hours to get the plane tickets, pack, figure out the car seat situation, and mentally prepare. But...it all worked out! We all had an awesome time in St. Thomas and were so thankful to got to celebrate Granny Deb's birthday with her. James was the talk of the island and was quite the "ladies man" wherever he went. He wasn't very excited about being in the ocean or the pool, but he enjoyed hanging out and watching everything. Unfortunately we had a very stressful flight home but we survived! God bless the poor people who sat around us. We were that family that you didn't want to sit near. :)

Happy Birthday Granny Deb!

What are we doing Grandaddy?
Shark Man
On JT's sixth month birthday we had another special visitor- Sara!!! More on her to come on next month's post.

JT gets VERY excited when Ryan gets home. He starts kicking his legs and making all sorts of noise. I'm always amazed that Ryan has so much energy to play with him when he gets home. We all know that residents do not have the most family-friendly schedule. I'm so blessed that Ryan immediately takes James and does as much as he can with him when he is not working.

Greatest daddy in the world!

Love the men in my life :)

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