Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Fourth Month

Stats: 13 lbs 12 oz, 25 inches long
Likes: milk, snuggling with Daddy, grabbing objects with your hands, making sounds, smiling, playing with your feet
Dislikes: naps, sleeping at night, Santa

Special Memories:

Thanksgiving was a little bittersweet this year. We have so much to be thankful for and are so grateful for all the blessings God has provided for us, especially our sweet healthy baby boy. Unfortunately Ryan had to work the holiday this year and it just wasn't quite the same as when you get to spend the holiday with friends and family. I did the unthinkable and cooked Thanksgiving dinner which was a miracle in itself when you consider that James thinks he should have my undivided attention every minute of every day. I kept the menu simple but included all of our favorites. Ryan went into work that morning, came home for a quick lunch, and then went back to work. The life of a resident- it can be tough on the wife and kid! The meal turned out pretty tasty but we have already decided that next year we are going out to eat- no cooking and dishes!!!

Alot of this month is a blur because of sleep regression. For some reason JT went from getting up once a night to every hour and it has been brutal! Hence the reason for this late post. In early December we decided we needed to make the trek to the mall to see Santa. We figured we should make a night of it and go get the picture and then eat pizza and walk around for a bit after. No one else was in line which was great and James never has any stranger anxiety so we figured he would love Santa....or not! We gave him to Santa and he flipped out! He really cranked it up till probably the whole mall could hear us. Oh well, at least we got the picture. The mall charged us $15 for one 5 x 7!!!!

Hanging out at the pizza place

Ryan cut my head off in this one!

We were sooooooo excited to have Shannon come visit in December. I was at a low point in terms of sleep deprivation, Ryan was coming to the end of a 28 day stretch at work with no days off and I really needed some "friend" time with adult conversation! Shannon was awesome- she cooked us dinner, ran random errands with me, and babysat JT (and even put up with being pooped on). We love you Shannon!

Date night while Shannon babysat

I also decided to take James to get his portrait made. Note to self: next time go when someone else can come with me to assist. James was NOT in the mood after having his picture taken to sit there while I picked out my favorites!

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