Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Fifth Month

Stats: No doctor's appointment this month but you have got some major chunky legs!
Likes: milk, rice cereal, playing in your exersaucers
Dislikes: Naps, sleeping at night, snow

Special Memories:

Ryan had the week of Christmas off so we were able to go to NC. Santa came early to Shreveport the day before we headed home to Greenville. Santa must not have heard about all the grief James was giving his parents because he sure got some cool toys!

Ryan got the dad of the year award for changing one awful diaper in the plane's little bathroom during some crazy turbulence! It is always an experience flying with James. :) While in NC we had James dedicated at my parents' house. It was a really special night spent celebrating James and committing as a family to raise him in a way that is pleasing to the Lord. Each grandparent picked a scripture that was personally meaningful to themselves and for James and read it to him. Ryan and I picked a scripture for him as well, and Marianne read the verses that Joe preached on. Joe (who married us) did the dedication which was really nice. It was also the first time that our whole (immediate family) had been together

On Christmas Eve we made the annual trek to Mt. Olive. James really enjoyed all of the attention that his girl cousins gave him. Unfortunately he screamed his head off the entire way home which made for an intensely stressful Christmas Eve night for his parents.

Christmas morning arrived and somehow Santa came again to see James in Greenville!

We had a great time celebrating the holiday with both families. We did Christmas with the Hollands the night before Christmas Eve since Whitney and Rod were not going to be here on Christmas Day. Ryan, James, and I also got to have Christmas breakfast with Nana and Pop.

We continued over to the Creech household for some annual traditions as well- including the birthday cake for Jesus. That was the best pound cake ever Mom!!!!

The greatest pound cake ever

Overall it was a wonderful day with our families. I can't believe its been a whole year since we announced that we were pregnant- things sure have changed!

Anyone remember this outfit from last year? Look back to last year's Christmas post if you can't!

The day after Christmas NC had a big snowfall. Unfortunately Ryan's flight got canceled, but I was pretty happy to have him stay an extra day! James was not too thrilled to be out in the snow, or shall I say in the sneaux? Hey, we do live in Louisiana now!!!

Of course one highlight of going home at Christmas is seeing friends that we don't always get to visit with. Tricia and her husband moved to Florida recently to work for a Christian organization that does work in Haiti. We were so glad for her to meet James!

James also got to finally meet our favorite family doctor who we still bug with questions even though we live half a country away! :)

Once we made it back to LA we committed ourselves (again) to working on JT's sleep. During that process we also started giving him rice cereal (out of desperation but it didn't help). Of course the child loves to eat and he thoroughly enjoyed his new variety of food

First rice cereal

Sweet potatoes were a hit!

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