Sunday, February 6, 2011

The First Month

The First Month
Wow, the first month of being a mom has been a blur and a whirlwind! So much is muddled in my mind because of the intense sleep deprivation. James, the first week you spent the majority of your time sunbathing in your Moses basket to get rid of your jaundice. After that you woke up and you have not liked to sleep ever since. JT you are worth every minute of it! Here are some highlights of your first month of life:
Getting to meet Granny Deb, Grandaddy, and Uncle David. Granny Deb and Grandaddy made it to 
    the hospital a few hours after you were born. You wore your ECU pirate outfit in honor of them. They brought you lots of presents and presents for your mommy and daddy. Uncle David came the next day. He had to fly and drive far and came right to the hospital even though it was late at night. It was so late that the regular doors were closed so he had to go through the emergency room- what a great uncle!

Your first night home you cried ALL night. 
We hid in the bathroom with all the doors closed to try to let everyone else sleep, lol.

· Going to see Dr. Ritch
Going to see Dr. Tynes

 Rebecca came to visit while her husband was in Arkansas for baseball

 Your first stroller ride- Daddy would only let us go to the mailbox and back

 Going to see Daddy at the LSU clinic. He only got to take off until we got out of the hospital 
and then he was back to work that same afternoon.

First time being babysat by Granny Deb and then by Nana

 Your Nana and Pop came to visit when you were one week old. They took us out to eat for 
   the first time at Strawn’s. Nana cooked meals for us and helped take care of you. Your grandparents
love you so much!

 Watching your first ECU football game

 You do not like to take naps unless you are being held by your mama. We have read every book on 
sleep trying to figure out what to do!

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