Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pros and Cons

* Note on pictures:
Pic 1- Ryan's feelings about putting the car seat in last night
Pic 2: Emily 37 weeks preggers
Pic 3: Emily 18 weeks preggers
Pic 4 JT at 32 weeks
Pic 5: JT at 7 weeks

I think anyone who has ever had a baby remembers the point in pregnancy when you kind of feel like you are about at the end of the rope. Considering I’m almost 38 weeks, it’s been over 100 degrees every day for the past week, and being so far away from family and friends, I think I’m just about there. Now I’m definitely not miserable, and I am really treasuring these last few weeks with just Ryan and I. We have had a lot of fun living up life with just the two of us and I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything. I have also really enjoyed being pregnant, and it is not an experience that I take for granted. It truly is a miraculous thing to experience. However I thought it might be fun to try to remind myself of all the “pros” for all the “cons” of this time in my life. Thankfully the pros FAR out way the cons! As a side note I have had what my doctor calls an “ideal” pregnancy which is a huge blessing. I get teased by the doctor and nurses for my low blood pressure, lack of swelling, and the fact that the baby loves to kick the Doppler as soon as she puts it on my belly. I think we are going to have our hands full with this feisty child!

Con: Excruciating back pain

Pro: A wonderful excuse for my hubby to give me a back rub every night without feeling the need to reciprocate

Con: Waking up at least ten times a night…and no I’m not exaggerating!

Pro: This is a great way to get prepared for those sleepless nights ahead. Between me waking up and Ryan being on overnight call, conversations at 3 am are quite the norm in our house.

Con: Having a huge belly that requires assistance when moving from place to place

Pro: I never realized what a messy eater I am. The belly collects any and all food crumbs which eliminates the need for sweeping the floor. Also, it makes a convenient table to rest things on such as Hershey kisses as I watch TV and eat them.

Con: Gaining weight

Pro: Not feeling as guilty for eating cake for breakfast…even though I have to confess that I did that before I was pregnant sometimes as well!

Con: Being slightly bored since its summer

Pro: Realizing that I will never again be bored for the rest of my life so I take advantage of every quite moment!

Con: Everyone and their brother wants to make a comment to you, ask you the baby’s name, when he is due, etc. Sometimes you purposely try to avoid eye contact with strangers just so you don’t get sucked in. This can be especially frustrating when you are checking out at stores because the conversation triples the amount of time it takes to pay and move on.

Pro: Most of the people are actually really sweet. When you are waiting in line at a restaurant you get multiple offers for people to relinquish their seat so that you can have it. Perfect strangers step in to make sure you are taken care of and don’t need any help.

Con: Being nailed in the ribs by the baby- ouch! Even the doctor was amazed at his movement.

Pro: Getting to feel him move and roll. There is nothing better than that! Not to mention seeing Ryan talk to him while rubbing the belly and the baby kicking him back.

Con: Nightly leg cramps

Pro: Hearing his heart beat every night with the stethoscope and knowing that all the pain, sleepless nights, and inconvenience is worth it because you already love him so much. Knowing that he has already brought Ryan and I so much joy. Realizing that as beautiful as life is as a couple, it’s going to be even more amazing as a family. We can’t wait to meet you sweet baby!!!