Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Big News

Okay, anyone who loves us enough to read our blog already probably knows our big news. We are having a baby! People kept asking me when I would blog about it so finally here it is. To make a long story short Ryan and I found out this exciting news a few days before we went home for Christmas. I actually found this out in the wee hours of the morning while Ryan was on overnight call. I knew I needed to think of some way to tell him so after school I stopped by Old Navy to try to find an appropriate outfit to spread the good news. After selecting the ‘My First Christmas” attire I hurried home and stuck it in his stocking for when he woke up. Finally he arose and I told him that Santa had made an early stop. He was ecstatic! And I can honestly say that his excitement if anything has just grown more and more. I don’t know if there has ever been anyone more thrilled than Ryan to get to be a dad. Of course I informed him that we needed to go out to eat to celebrate so I wouldn’t have to cook so we went to Chilies for fajitas and then stopped at Barnes and Noble for a baby name book. We decided to stay with the “My 1st Christmas” theme and wrapped up an outfit for each of the grandmothers to open. Needless to say they were shocked and thrilled. This past year has been such a crazy roller coaster with Ryan matching and the move and now a new baby. Craziness! Before I knew it, it was time to find out what we were having. Ryan and I had always promised ourselves that we would never find out and it would be a surprise. However five minutes after telling our parents they had pretty much convinced us that we needed to reconsider that plan. The day we found out Ryan couldn’t get off work but luckily Marianne was in town and went with me. My doctor was sweet to give us an extra ultrasound so we could go ahead and find out and not have to wait any longer. When she said “boy!” I couldn’t wait to tell Ryan. Once again I wanted to tell him someway special so I drug Marianne to the baby store to look for inspiration. When we found baby blue medical scrubs for size 0 to 6 months I knew that I had to get them. We wrapped them up in a bag with pink and blue paper for Ryan to open when he got home. Needless to say his excitement somehow managed to grow even more! He can’t wait to meet his son. I would have been thrilled with a boy or a girl but of course having an older brother myself I was so happy to be blessed with a boy. Hopefully he will watch over and protect all the other little Hollands to come! I feel doubly blessed to have such an amazing husband to share this experience with. Ryan- thanks for putting up with my 5+ months of sickness and everything else I have put you through so far! We are both so thrilled and excited and feel incredibly blessed by this gift from God. It’s amazing how much you can love someone you have never even met. Baby Holland- we can’t wait till august to meet you!

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  1. So exciting! The biggest congratulations to yall.