Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Happenings

A couple of weeks before Halloween our next-door neighbor came over to chat and forewarned us that we may have a lot of trick or treaters. Well I was thrilled because I love seeing kids dressed up. I didn’t want to be “that couple” that didn’t give out good candy or ran out so I made Ryan go with me to Target a whole week in advance to stock up. Of course this meant that we both ate candy all week long! Anyway so we were eagerly anticipating our trick or treaters Saturday night. However about thirty minutes after seeing kids up and down the street we started to wonder why no one was coming to our house. Gosh they must really have something against NC people! The kids would look right at our door and keep going. Finally I decided to step outside and see what was going on because I was determined to get rid of this candy. Apparently things are a little different down here in the bayou. Trick or Treaters do not come to your door. You are supposed to set up chairs/tables and sit outside in your driveway for them to come to you. Several of our neighbors were also grilling out but that was a little too much for us to deal with. So Ryan drug out our chairs and we bundled up to pass out candy. I wasn’t able to pass out all of it but we at least made a dent in it. People here really take Halloween seriously. They were riding up and down the street in golf carts, 4 wheelers, and truck beds and there were a lot of them. Our youngest trick or treater was 5 weeks old and they went up from there. It was fun to get to meet some more people from our neighborhood. Early that day Ryan convinced me to go buy a wig so we could dress up as a somewhat famous couple. I’ll let you figure out who we are! We also felt left out because every single house was more decorated than ours for Halloween so we splurged and bought a fall wreath. It wasn’t as cool as the inflatable pumpkin the person across the street had but oh well. Overall it was a pretty interesting first Halloween in Shreveport but definitely a little different than good ole NC.