Sunday, September 20, 2009

1096 Miles

1096 miles. Wow, for someone who has always lived in Greenville this was a pretty big move for me. I’m going to try to back up in this blog and start back at the beginning so our blog will be in chronological order as much as possible. My last day of teaching at Eastern was June 10th. Early the next morning (6:30 a.m) we packed into the car and headed off for Shreveport. The night before our families had come and hung out with us one last time and of course we had to eat some great food. It was unbelievable how much stuff we still had to pack in the car even though we had already packed 5000 pounds of “stuff” onto the moving van. I’ll be honest. I boo- hooed all the way down Queen Anne’s Rd but then I managed to pull it together (thankfully for Ryan’s sanity) and turned off the waterworks for at least 24 hours. Here are several highlights of our drive:

  • South of the Border- Have you ever sausage a place? :)
  • Eating lunch at Checker’s (we didn’t realize that this would be our last time because they don’t exist in LA)
  • Getting a push-up popsicle at a random gas station (Ryan made fun of me)
  • Eating at the nicest Chick-Fillet we have ever seen

  • Going across the Mississippi River
  • An unbelievable amount of bugs plastered to our car from being on the road so long.

Okay, it’s no secret that I don’t like to drive. I will go ahead and confess. Out of the 18 hours we rode in the car, I drove about 2. I only made it from Augusta through Atlanta. Sorry Ryan! I really am getting better about driving since living here though. When we finally got here (about midnight Louisiana time) we were praying that we would be able to even get into our house/neighborhood and we would even remember which house it was. Thankfully we were able to. Our house was easy to spot- the only one in the neighborhood that had a jungle in the front yard. Since our furniture was not coming for a few days we got our comfy air mattress that Ryan’s mom thoughtfully provided and set up camp in one of the bedrooms. 1096 miles later, we were “home”.

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  1. i would agree that you have gotten better about your are doing great on those crazy didnt scare me once. promise.