Saturday, December 30, 2017

Dec Misc Part 1

I went a little overboard on pictures this month so I had to split this post.  I'm probably guilty of taking more than I should but our lives are so busy and crazy and I have a very bad memory so I take pictures so I won't forget! 

I love this picture because it shows the real Kate.  She is not a fan of cooperating for pictures so I have a hard time capturing her silly sweet personality.  

This kid and his hair
This shows off Kate's hair cut that Greer did. 

These two- they are my instigators. 

Tree climbing has been a big thing lately.  Believe it or not our daredevil Andrew was scared to do it. 

Dinner with these girls is always a treat

Daddy's girl 

Kate woke up really early into her nap one day and I was super frustrated because I had a lot I needed to get done. As I was holding her I had a moment of clarity where I realized that these days of hearing someone say "rock rock mama" are quickly coming to an end.  One sad (and sometimes wonderful) thing about twins is that they often leave the same stages at the same time so seasons of life are over and done quickly.  #savorthemoments

All moms of young kids- go order the candy cottage! A friend gave me this and it is wonderful! It pops right together and is reusable. You get to have all the fun of decorating the gingerbread house and none of the frustration of putting it together and it doesn't collapse like the normal ones do.  It also easily rinsed off so we can use it every year. 

Finished product!

Jingle Bell Trot at James's school 

The race route under the lights 

We ran into Santa at the race 

"What? Am I really on the nice list???" 
Make your own pizza at lunch that no one ate. At least the process was fun. 

Taste of childhood- Nene's cookie recipe 

We made cookies for some of the special people in our lives to say thank you.  This was James's note for our local police who are at our school every day. 

Harrison's for Mr. Bill (the crossing guard)

First official family movie night with all 6 of us!

Smith Family Christmas.  This year was my mom's turn to host and she did great!

Dirty Santa time 

Thankfully the church where it was at had a great nursery for the kids to play in 

The Cox family came for dinner and Madeline was home from college!

You can never go wrong with Chinese take out and good friends 

Kentucky is too far away!
Sweet Christmas dress on loan from a friend.  Kate loves being dressed up. 

My mom took the boys to the Nutcracker and they talked her into dinner at their favorite place 

What is it with boys and wrestling? All the time!

Meeting Santa at preschool

She insisted on wearing James's shirt for two days straight. Girl has an opinion! 

And also an attitude. This was a fit she threw at Target. I cannot begin to describe how loud she was yelling and screaming. 

After Andrew crawled out of the pack n play at the beach and then started taking his pants off and purposely going to the bathroom on the carpet during nap time he started having to sleep in a sleep suit with the zipper down his back. So far it has worked! 

Date night to a work dinner with Ryan 
Before the dinner we had James and Harrison's Christmas play 

It was super quiet and when James walked in Andrew yelled "Hi James!"

Harrison was absolutely hilarious.  You could hear him singing WAY above everyone else.  Everyone in the audience was cracking up and I seriously cried I was laughing so hard.  

Nana took the kids home and to bed and we got to go out!

It's nice when one of the other doctors has a wife that's a great friend. It makes work functions much more enjoyable! I didn't get a picture but they had door prizes and my number was the very first one called and I won a huge bottle of wine. I never win anything! 

One of many homemade Christmas ornaments from school 

Nana offered for H to go with her for a couple of days and he jumped on it. He can be so difficult at times but he is a delight when he is by himself. 

We get so much art from this preschool. I have a hard time displaying it all. 

Night time stories 

If we didn't have amazon prime I don't know if we could have Christmas. I do almost all my ordering from there
Harrison brought this home and it ended up being our tree topper 

I'm assuming this is Mary, Joseph and Jesus 

Kate was obsessed with the advent calendar. Every day she would say "I need to hold the baby Jesus". 

Game changer. Of course after buying them the boys guilt tripped me into letting them still do "the messy ones" a.k.a the roll out cookie cutters. 

I was inspired to make homemade cinnamon rolls which I have never done. 

So much butter. 

SO good. A friend started making and sharing these with me and they are so delicious I had to learn to do it myself. Well worth the effort and mess. 

Harrison had a great time at Nana's and was thrilled that Margaret and Davis also came with Aunt Whitney.