Sunday, June 4, 2017

Family Party

Before we decided to do a party with his classroom friends Harrison told me that he really wanted a party with his family, with balloons and pizza and a hula hoop.  You just can't say no to that request!  The morning of his birthday he woke up super excited. 

He got so excited about his presents which was hilarious because they were all VERY simple gifts. 

For breakfast he requested sausage biscuits

This popped up on my Facebook memories. I love this picture of James meeting Harrison for the first time. He was SO thrilled to have a baby brother. 

Harrison wanted a Ninja turtle party. This is about as creative as I get. 

Miss Priss loved wearing her Beaufort bonnet 

This was Harrison's big present from us- a blow up water slide. Unfortunately it looked a little pitiful compared to the one at the party the day before but we thought this would be fun to have for the kids for the summer. 

Pappy was put in charge of the water balloons

He quickly turned that job over to Ryan 

We also got a slip n slide!

Go Georgia! 

So glad Davis came!

And our other Davis!

Harrison preferred to be the squirter at the bottom versus actually going down the slide 

So thankful Rebecca made the drive to come.  It is so special having kids close in age! 

The birthday boy's food requests: pizza, fruit, and a random Chex mix we saw at Walmart one day

Harrison does not really care for cake but he LOVES icy treats so we got the Kona Ice truck to come.  It was brutally hot so it was the perfect dessert.  

This picture is hilarious to me! 


I think the birthday boy was a little overwhelmed. He asked if he could go eat his icy in the house alone with daddy

"Hey Andrew give me a taste of yours!" 

The family photo attempt 

Later that day after Andrew and Kate took nice naps and the big boys had played with all the new gifts my mom took Kate for her night away with Nene and Ryan and I took the three boys to Harrison's dinner place of choice: Buffalo Wild Wings.  This was the first time that we got to have time with "just the boys". 

Brothers!  What a great way to end a birthday!
Dear Harrison,

We have looked forward to celebrating this day with you for SO long and now it is finally here.  The day you were born was one of the happiest days of my life and the joy you have brought to us ever since is immeasurable.  You are funny, quite possibly the most hilarious kid I know.  You are the laughter in our family, the middle child that glues everyone together, the bridge between the babies and James and we are so thankful for you.  You love art and music; you are smart and mischievous.  I constantly see a twinkle in your eye that means you are up to something.  You are creative, wild, crazy and you never stop talking.  You are quick to fall apart and can be very sensitive but you are also are incredibly loving and sweet.  Your compliments mean the most to me because I know they are straight from your heart.  You don't sugar coat things, you never filter what comes through your mouth (we are working on that!).  You are a tornado of energy and fun and are the life of the party.  James is your best friend and you want to be just like him.  You adore Andrew and Kate and are a great big brother.  Your zest and enthusiasm for life is something I wish I could bottle up and save and it is a reminder to me each day to embrace life and live it fully.  We love you my sweet boy!  I say it to you all the time- you are my middle child, in the middle of my heart, surrounded by love and there is no better place for you to be.  Happy Birthday buddy!

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