Friday, June 30, 2017

June Misc

School is out and summer is officially here!  It has been a fun and busy month! Here are all of our random, miscellaneous memories :)  

Early in the month my mom took Kate for the night to go get her picture taken and have some one on one grandma time.  That gave me a chance to rock this sweet boy for awhile at night, something he rarely gets to do.  I realized I have never had one on one time with Andrew like this before. Since Kate came home from the hospital first I had a few weeks with just her at times but never Andrew. So special to have these cuddles!

He thought he was SO funny that he had that big scoop of oatmeal on his spoon 

After taking James to school we went to Dunkin Donuts.  One of Harrison's friends gave him a gift card for his birthday so it was the perfect little outing. 

Next we headed to the gym and since I only had one baby we didn't have to take the double stroller. SO much faster and easier with just one! 

Life as an only baby is exhausting 

Meanwhile Kate was having fun exploring all of Nene's toys 

They stopped by the pet store and ran into a friend 

One of Kate's pictures from her session 

She is wearing this dress that my mom smocked for me when I was little

Harrison loved his ninja turtle gear he got for his birthday 

More swim lessons for H. I cannot wait until I have all of these kids swimming! 

Go James! 

We moved our sand table to the outdoor patio which has been awesome. The kids can go out there and play on their own while I clean the kitchen. :) 

Mid week dinner date that ended with a McFlurry. James gave me a bite one time and I was hooked- those things are good! 

This summer I have had to drag all the kids to speech twice a week. This morning I desperately needed coffee so we took a trip to the cafe. 

Pokemon card trading 

The ipad baby monitor app. If you don't have it get it! 

Another day waiting at speech. For some reason H decided he needed to wear his ear phones this day.  Some things are not worth arguing about...

4 year old well check

Ice cream mouth!

The big boys and I went to Emerald Isle for the day to see our friends. 

Sara always takes the best pictures

Love these girls! 

Ryan showing H how to do push ups 

I thought this note from James was so funny and sweet.
"I had a great time at the beach because I liked jumping waves. We'll be back soon again, Nene, Pappy, David, Greer and last but not least "Gorge".  

Fun week at superhero bible school 
So glad to see Ashley for a quick visit 

We finally got a new grill after our old one died.  I told Ryan my only requirement was that it would be large enough to grill enough food for the whole family because these kids can eat! 

A and K got to go to their first preschool camp.  They did great! I showed up and they were sitting on the carpet listening to a story and looking so grown up. 

Their first school art project. 

Say what you want about the mini van but this built in vacuum is pretty awesome. Not to mention it occupied H for an hour. 

Ryan and I taught Harrison's Sunday school class which was an interesting experience lol. 

Since Kate got a turn Andrew went a few days later. 

Nene's house is so fun. 

I can't wait to see his pictures!

Meanwhile back at our house we made homemade popsicles which Kate approved of   

We made a trip back to the pet store for a new snail since Harrison's first one had died almost immediately. I don't have the heart to tell him that this one is already dead nor have I been motivated to get it out of the fish bowl. I am so not a pet person...

Science experiment time! We ordered this kit from Amazon and it has been so much fun for the kids. 

Before we knew it Nene had brought Andrew back

I cannot even describe how much food these kids eat.  For breakfast we can easily go through a double batch of pancakes along with a dozen eggs.  We go through an entire large container of yogurt in less than 24 hours, half a gallon of milk a day.  This day I decided to get ahead and I made a QUADRUPLE batch of pancakes and this was all that was left.  I feel like all I do is cook and clean that kitchen! 

A sight not seen often: all four kids' laundry baskets empty.  

Sweet Mrs. Hardee got ice cream for Harrison at Dairy Queen.  She was James's wonderful teaching assistant this past year but has extended her love to all of our kiddos. 

My kids have a knack for finding the biggest sticks possible in our yard. 

Movie night at the pool

I literally had to pull them out at 9:00 that night. They love to swim and we were so glad our friends were there too!