Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day

I loved my Mother's Day this year, the boys were SO excited about making me feel loved and special.  Harrison had been talking for days about me coming to the Mother's Day celebration in his classroom. Well 36 hours before I was supposed to be there I came down with a terrible case of strep throat. I knew I needed meds for 24 hours to be able to go.  Luckily Ryan got me the first appointment of the day, I spent the entire day unable to move and by a miracle woke up the next day able to function and go to see Harrison. The first thing that happened was each kid came out individually and gave the mom a necklace and took her back to the classroom.  I about cried- it was the cutest thing ever seeing how proud these three year olds were!

Sweet boy has grown up so much this year!

My special snack 

Singing me songs

Saying "cheers" with our pink lemonade 

Poor buddy having to write so many letters. This was one of my issues with his name- it is A LOT to write! 

He took his role of letter "E" very seriously 

James was so sweet in that he came up to me the day before Mother's Day and asked could he go ahead and give me my presents because he just couldn't wait any longer.  He also asked me for weeks before if he could fix me breakfast.

Nice "fake' smile for the picture haha

This mommy just rolled out of bed

I also got a mug with James's artwork on it and a picture he made for me with oil pastels which he was VERY proud of. 

Mother's Day is seriously the only day of the year that I don't get up with the kids if I am home. I got so tickled because James told me the night before "Mom! Tomorrow is Mother's Day. You get to sleep in until 7:10!" Ryan was working and had to go round at the hospital so we had to get things moving. 7:10 it was. 

They were so pumped about these muffins they made. 
Ryan also made this for me. Apparently Kate acted like her hand got cut off when he put hers on the canvas.
Cue the family motto: If you aren't miserable you aren't making memories :) 

We then had our normal weekend ritual which is "coffee corner". I don't know if I have blogged about coffee corner but ever since the twins came home on Sat and Sun Ryan and I have trained the kids to leave us alone while we take 30-45 mins to drink coffee and talk alone. It is wonderful!!!! It has become something we always look forward to and all the kids know that it better be important to interrupt the coffee corner!

More Mother's Day love at church 

For some reason the children's program got canceled so the boys stayed with us for the service.  Right when the sermon started Harrison got up and ran towards the preacher. Ryan got up to get him and Harrison looked back at him and took off running circles. I think he made it around twice before he made the mistake of coming close to me and I got that kid with the mom grip.  Every mom knows exactly what I'm talking about.   The thing you do when you grab your child's arm and while it isn't going to quite leave a mark they immediately know you mean business! As I drug him out he yelled "no mom! I don't want a spanking".  I was torn between wanting to punish him and bursting out laughing. #ifyournotmiserableyournotmakingmemories 

The best we could do. 

One of the best parts of the day is that Ryan kept the kids and my mom and I went to brunch ALONE.  It was wonderful to get to just talk and spend time together with just the two of us.  We also lucked out and Ryan didn't get paged until we got home. 

This guy- so thankful for him. Being a mom is hard.  I fail daily at being the mom I want to be but I wouldn't be a fraction of the mom I am if he wasn't right beside me for the journey with his support and encouragement.

Even though it has been almost 2 years I am still constantly amazed that I get to be the mom of these four kids.  The blessing that they are to me and the honor I feel to be their mother- not much else can compare.  I love you James, Harrison, Andrew, and Kate!

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