Tuesday, February 14, 2017


I have to do a quick Valentine's post for the year since I love this holiday. I major mom failed in that I did not get a photo of the four kids together! And they were all dressed cute! Maybe next year...

Harrison's teacher sent me this picture of him 

And James's teacher sent me this one of him 
For some reason it seems like almost every year on Valentine's Day Ryan is stuck in the operating room. That was the case once again so I ended up inviting two other moms whose husbands were out of town for work to come over for pizza and cupcakes.  We had a blast!

One thing I love about Facebook is how it shows your old memories and I had to go down memory lane with these.
5 years ago (daddy working late) 

4 years ago. Another night in the OR lol 

3 years ago- one of my favorite memories.  Traveling with just H on valentines day to NC and having breakfast together at the airport 

Last year! 

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