Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Feb Misc

Once again another fast crazy month. Play dates, park days, basketball, school activities, and more than our share of sickness!

I'm working on a whole post about this crew but how stinking cute are the NICU9???
A and K have started enjoying trying to jump on the trampoline 

The look you get when you have that first taste of a chicken biscuit

When you go to breakfast at Chick fil a at 7:30 on a Saturday you get to have the whole play area to yourself

Not cool. 

Poor Kate.  She was so sick this day but I had to drag her out of the house to go pick up James. 

"Let us through!"

"Um mom, these are my sisters leggings..." 

Getting warmed up for basketball 

Quick trip to the beach 

Tantrum in the sand 

Kate was so confused as to why she got put in this hole in the sand. It's hard having older brothers and a dad that's a little crazy 

Finally getting a chance to try some of the experiments from our Christmas science kit 

The stomach virus took Kate down. She was pitiful 

By the next morning she was good to go and wearing James's shirt bc she had gotten sick so many times the night before and it was all I could find! 

Field trip to the bakery 

The face you make after licking chalk 

Pizza bingo night. Our family bought so many slices we got to have a whole box of pizza. #bigfamilyperks

"Nobody touch this crust" 

We enjoyed some wonderful warm weather 

Working on using our spoon 

Harrison asked to dip his strawberry in cool whip and I looked over and he had gotten a little carried away...

50 plus pounds of baby!

Nature walk with Dad and finding the coolest stick that then somehow came into my kitchen

Dr. Suess week 

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