Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Special Sunday

After over two years of living here and visiting lots of different churches Ryan and I were finally at peace with our decision to join a local church that just happens to also be in our neighborhood.  I think God knew that we needed somewhere close by when it came to hauling all these kids to church and trying to be on time, lol.  This church has been so welcoming to our family and we are excited about getting even more involved.  The same Sunday that we joined the church James was also baptized.  For various reasons Ryan and I chose to have our children dedicated instead of baptized when they were babies, and it has been a prayer and desire of ours that they would each one day make the decision for themselves to follow Jesus and choose to be baptized.  After James made that decision earlier this summer we have had lots of conversations with him about baptism and what it means.  It was without a doubt one of those super special parenting moments that you won't ever forget to get to see him get baptized this Sunday. 

Kate got to wear one of my old Christmas dresses. She looked cute but her behavior was pretty bad!  And she is normally the "easy" one. 

Andrew who normally is more of a handful in those situations was totally fine as he waited, eating his snack.  

Another family joined the church that day as well. 

A few things that happened during this service: Kate was crying so I was doing the "baby bounce/sway" that all moms know, Harrison tried to splash the baptism water and then he stuck his head under my dress. I told Ryan that if everyone in the church didn't know who we were before they did now.  I can also guarantee that the majority of the people watching thought "Boy that mom has her hands full, I'm so glad it isn't me!" 

Hearing James answer the pastor's questions was so sweet and touching.  His sincerity and love for Jesus was so obvious, a perfect example of a child-like faith. 

James and Pastor Matthew
Afterwards we went with our parents out to brunch where we thankfully had a private room so we didn't disturb everyone. 
Andrew got his first Christmas cookie and needless to say he was a fan

The best grandparents!
Is it too much to ask for one decent family picture?!

They really are the best of friends! 

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