Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November Misc

Another month in the books! It isn't always pretty but we are still surviving lol. 

Harrison had an eye appointment after he purposely failed the eye exam at the pediatrician. Thankfully we held off glasses for a bit longer 

Everything about this makes me laugh. The picture, his "smile" and the fact that he included carrots which he has never eaten in his life. 

I did the unthinkable and put the babies in walkers outside alone with the boys while I cleaned the kitchen. 

Andrew has been learning some new tricks 

Daddy's version of hair styling 

James made this birthday card for his friend and I took a picture because after he did it I looked at Ryan and said, "When did James learn how to write by himself?"  I had no idea he could write all that by himself. 

Karate birthday party with his friends

We are hoping for one more bike seat for Christmas so we can all ride together 

Everyone wants Nene to hold them

Happy (late) birthday Pappy!

Harrison really wanted to ride in Andrew's car seat and believe it or not he did still fit rear facing

Story time!

Lunch with James at school 

Just walking home from school, this is how we roll. 

This kid was SO proud that his Nana got him boxers 

Reading night at school 

Ready for her first football game 

Ryan was working and I felt guilty that the babies don't ever get to do anything so for some reason I decided to take all four to the ECU football game. It's one of those things I can check off my bucket list and not do again, haha! Absolute insanity! 

I am so outnumbered...

The boys loved seeing Malli
Harrison had his first preschool Thanksgiving play 

Cutest pilgrim ever
We made it downtown for the Christmas parade 

The big boys and I went to the Polar Express theater performance 

Silly selfie per the boys' request

Dinner time! 

The outdoor lights are up!

This picture cracks me up! 

Nothing like a Christmas tutu

I let the boys decorate the whole tree this year 

This picture sums up Harrison's decorating style 

Looking forward to December!