Friday, September 30, 2016

Sept Misc

In an effort to catch up blogging there are a lot of pictures thrown together in this post! 

Walking home from school. I love how Harrison insisted on wearing his helmet to ride in the stroller
Just pulling out all the wipes 
Ryan and the boys created a house out of these boxes which entertained the kids for days and made a nice addition to our living room... 
Harrison went through a phase where he insisted on sleeping on the floor. 

I took the boys to the beach for the day for Labor Day and the weather was amazing!!!

Someone can stand! 

Story time! 

James loves to play board games lately

Harrison had his bible ready at church on Sunday 

Look out when Uncle David is in charge!
Our first pony tail!!!

A bow made it even better 
I came across these outfits that were the first outfits the babies got to wear.  It took about two weeks for them to be stable and large enough to wear clothes and I was SO excited because it made them look much more "normal".  The crazy thing is that these are preemie clothes and they were HUGE.  I loved taking the picture of them beside the outfits to show how much they have grown this year.  

This was James's first homework project- he had to fill this bag with things he liked. I loved seeing the picture of our family that he drew. 

It is hard to keep them still long enough to get pictures!

Ice cream date with the big boys

This kid- I love him! Funniest kid I know

Another picture his teacher sent me and I laughed out loud when I got it

Kisses from GiGi

Ryan introduced Kate to the Parker's corn stick

Let us out!

School lunch with James 

David and Greer got the babies this balloon that really walked and that thing lived at our house for a solid two weeks 

One year old checkup! It was a rough time- three shots a piece plus two heel sticks. My nerves were shot! It is hard when both are upset and not easy to comfort them at the same time. 

My sweet friend made these awesome onesies for the babies birthday present 

Andrew obviously approves 

Just relaxing in his helmet, rain boots, and beach chair

We took the boys to Chuckie Cheese which they think is the most amazing place ever 

Kate was less than impressed. 

Andrew- "This place is awesome!"

We got to go to Georgia's dedication which was so sweet and special 

Oh the playroom mess...

For some reason the boys insisted on sleeping on the floor together 

I attempted to take the babies in the grocery store without the stroller. Huge mistake.  

We got their big kid car seats in! I love this picture. It looks like they are at the top of the roller coaster and Andrew is super excited (takes after his daddy) and Kate is totally freaked out! (her mama) 

Lunch at James's school. I don't think the babies will be coming back in the near future. It was crazy!

Walking with Nana and Davis 

Sweet brothers!