Sunday, July 31, 2016

July Misc

If anyone actually follows this blog I'm sorry- I'm posting all over the place trying to catch up!  Some of our memories from July!

We had a whole lot of sickness at this house this month! Poor Kate was feeling awful but to cheer her up we discovered she now had enough hair for the side bow :) 
Poor baby! Let me tell you it is awful to have a sick kid when you have other kids, especially a twin brother.  It is just really hard to cuddle and focus on one when the other three are still so needy. 

On a happier note we have enjoyed lots of yummy meals this summer! This was one of our favorites and I was proud of myself for actually getting a dinner together with multiple sides, lol. 

Andrew and I ventured out to the grocery store for a little one on one time 

He was completely freaked out riding in the shopping cart and sweet boy was holding on tight to my hand. 

Handsome guys ready for church 

More sickness! you know your child doesn't feel well when you find her like this. 

James and I escaped to Wilmington for a night to see David, Greer, and Georgia 

Ryan was left in charge of these three

Jam session with Uncle David 

Pool time!

The boys had been asking for breakfast in bed so I surprised them one morning and they were SO excited. 

Went to check on the boys and found H like this, fast asleep. 

VBS presentation 

Rolling in to the doctor's office 
My helper/window washer 

I love this kid. For some reason he insisted on wearing a pull up over his pants this day 

James was so excited to pass the swim test at the Y! 

Swimming has not been the easiest thing for him so I was so so proud when he was able to do this. 

Ryan and I discovered this amazing app that gives us a monitor on any apple device. Best of all we can talk through the microphone and I love to call the big boys out on it! 

Ryan has worked on creating the perfect margarita for us this summer. I've been happy to try all his samples! 

"Get us out of here!" 

This poor kid had an ear infection that leaked into his eye....just when you think you have heard it all.  I think this was the spell when we went to the pediatricians office something like 6 times in 10 days. 

Date night!

Marianne came for dinner!

Kate has been perfecting her downward dog 

The boys begged to sleep together and I was shocked that they actually fell asleep

Dress like a cow and get free chicken! 

Cousin time!

Umbrella on a sunny day. Crocks with socks. He marches to his own beat and we love him for it. 

This baby pen has been amazing!!!

Homemade Popsicles!

I think it's time to pack up the rock n play...

Sometimes it takes me a couple of times before I learn my lesson 

Every single day we have to check the mail to see if the Lego magazine has come. Parents sign your kids up- it's free. 

Fun day meeting Sara and Reese!

They only see each other a couple of times a year but they get along great!

How cute is this???

Eventually this is what happens in the baby pen...

Even better than having a boat yourself is having a great friend that has one and that's willing to take you and your kids out!