Friday, April 1, 2016

Easter Weekend

The weekend that we did the babies' dedication was also Easter weekend. It was so fun to have family at our house.  

David, Greer, and Georgia were able to come and stay the weekend. The first morning they were here we saw this: Georgia was standing and staring at Andrew and Kate and kept saying, "baby, baby!" It was so precious!!! 

The two best uncles! 

It was so fun for the cousins to all play together. 

Each year Nana does an egg hunt and activities 

How adorable is he?

Andrew and Kate didn't seem too impressed 
Trying to get a picture can be a difficult task 

This is as good as it gets! 

Easter morning!
Harrison had to try out his new chalk
Kate- not amused

Any guesses who gave us this bunny? If you said my mom you are correct, haha. 
Time for church!
After months of house arrest during flu/rsv season the babies FINALLY got to go to church! Needless to say I didn't put them in the nursery though and also it is quite an ordeal getting four kids to church on time!
This lasted about ten minutes and then Greer and I had to stand up and bounce them the rest of the service because they were fussy. Oh well! 
Family selfie 

My sweet 3 boys! 
My attempt to get a picture of all four. Harrison was not in a cooperative mood. 

Happy Easter! 

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