Sunday, January 31, 2016

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I really cannot believe how the days are flying by- always so much to do and never enough time! Here are some of our family memories from January!

Since we have been in quarantine for the winter we have not been out to eat as a family. We finally decided to do it just once. We went at 4:30, sat in a corner, ordered the food online so it would be ready and it was absolute, complete chaos!  When it was over I said, "I can't believe we just paid money to do that." LOL
This kid LOVES to play sports. I found him sleeping like this one night 
Every day James and Harrison ask to do tummy time or floor time with the babies 
They also asked if Kate would watch a show with them
These big brothers are obsessed with the babies and love being with them

This kid brings so much laughter each day to our house!

I turned around one day to see Harrison "rocking" the babies.  Poor Andrew and Kate probably thought they were on a roller coaster ride! 
Andrew is learning how to play football from an early age
I was shocked when Harrison informed me one day that he knows how to write an H for his name. I have learned that your second child knows a lot more than you realize- you just don't get the one on one time to notice as quickly
Both boys often tell me, "Mom, we want to do an art project." 

We took advantage of a pretty day to go eat by the river 
Snuggles from Pop
We were so excited that Rebecca and Davis came for a visit 

Thankfully Madeline was here also to give us a hand with all the kiddos 
Panera date with Mommy 
Without question one of the hardest things for myself since bringing the babies home has been being cooped up in the house. We knew even before we knew we were having twins that this birth would happen during flu/RSV season and we would need to be more careful.  After having babies born 11 weeks early and talking with their NICU doctor and staff it was made clear that if these babies got sick this winter there would be a good chance they would end up back in the hospital.  So for the most part (we have made a few exceptions) we have been quarantined at home. This would be hard at anytime but considering I was stuck at home for a month on bed rest, spent the next three months basically living at the hospital, and then brought the babies home knowing we were needing to keep them isolated for another 4 plus months- it has been really hard for me!  There have been some weeks where I only left the house once or twice just to run the boys to school.  Anyway I finally felt okay to leave the babies for several hours, Ryan had a day off, and I begged him to get me out of town for the day. We ended up going to Wilmington, having lunch with my brother, visiting my niece, and taking a quick walk on the beach. It was so refreshing for me!

I'm not a huge nature girl but I almost cried on the beach- I just had missed being outside so much! I think Ryan may have thought I lost my mind, haha! 
When we got back these two cuties were waiting for me. About five minutes later they were both screaming
No problem- scooped them both up for some snuggles! 
James has started doing chores this month to earn an allowance. He was SO proud of himself for making his own bed. 

bed time books with Nene 

Off to chick fil a with our friend Bo
Painting from James
Pure sweetness 
Ryan was feeding Andrew one day and I kept waiting for him to come down and finally came upstairs to check on them

This kid loved watching the Panthers play 
We ordered pizza to eat while watching the game and James used some of his allowance money to buy us a dessert pizza. The kid loves dessert!
My mom took Harrison to their house for a night for some special time

This picture just cracks me up- only a Grandma is this sweet!
Harrison had winterfest at his school 

Ice fishing was definitely his favorite 
He told me one day that his ear hurt. Our nanny was sick so my mom drove all the way here so I could take him to the doctor, I was sure he had an ear infection. Well the doctor looked at him and said he looked perfect and then Harrison said to me, "Hey mom, now can I go get an orange sucker?"  The kid totally faked an illness to go get a sucker. 
This is also his solution for using the potty when there isn't a stool.  Oh Harrison! 
We set the babies' high chairs up. All of my kids have loved these from the time they were a couple of months old. They love being able to watch what's going on in the kitchen 
First family dinner!
Both babies asleep on a walk- wow! 

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