Saturday, December 31, 2016

December Misc

This is one of those posts that if you don't like pictures just keep on going because there are a lot!  December about did me in this year- lots and lots going on, Christmas, travel, and a week of the stomach virus.  I feel like I'm still catching up from all of it! 

Playing their favorite game- take all the books off the shelves 

Rocking the head band 

How I found Harrison at nap time

This is how you do snack time with this many babies.  And sweet Kate- the princess among all those little boys!!!

Our trip to the Christmas tree farm for family pictures- more of these in another post!

I got to see Sara and Ashley for a quick visit

Dinner time with Davis!

This hair...

Nobody is looking very happy at this point 

On the way home from Raleigh we were ten minutes away and this happened:  in every crack and crevice in his brand new car seat.  The aftermath still lingers. 

Put him straight in the tub and then this: code brown 

As I was dealing with the car seat Ryan sent me this: code brown on our carpet.  This was the beginning of the week of stomach virus and boy it was ugly 

Waiting for the Christmas parade- it goes right near our house

Andrew making a grab for the candy 

Caught trying to turn on the roomba!
The virus claims another victim. Thankfully it was a 24 hour bug  and it was staggered and we all got different degrees of it. James and I had it by far the worst. 

"You sure got your hands full"- by far the comment we get most from random strangers

Bedtime craziness 

James spelled out "I love mom" using the babies big legos for me

Captivated by the dryer

These are not great pictures of Kate but I thought it was so sweet because the boys begged for her to come snuggle with them in their beds. 

Smith family Christmas get together

The babies were insanely possessive over their corn sticks 

Not many things cuter than matching smocked Christmas outfits :) 

Walking in for the Christmas play at church 

My sweet angel 

And my adorable sheep 

Harrison is mad because he didn't want to take a picture and James is mad because I said he couldn't have another cupcake. Kids...

Driving through our neighborhood and looking at the lights

We went on the live nativity hayride which was SO much fun but it was FREEZING!!!! Definitely a new yearly tradition though 

The church that hosted it graciously provided hot chocolate and cookies after 

Field trip to the airport to sing Christmas songs 

Younger siblings looking on 

I rarely ever watch TV but this day I just needed some down time and I guess Andrew did too

First basketball game. You can guess how Harrison feels about it. 

This is what it looks like when you forget the double stroller and have to pick your kid up from school 

We bought this chalk paper for James's school fundraiser and the boys had so much fun decorating it for presents  

We did a mammoth week of baking 

Yearly picture with Santa! My mom had saved the boys sweaters and also my Christmas dress. Love seeing the hand me downs! 

Ready to roll 

We finally got to meet Kaylen

And see Tricia! Love that we have kids so close in age 

Play date with Davis and Rebecca 

Trying out our new trampoline from Tia and Tio

And the new drum set

One of Andrew and Kate's favorite new toys 

The joy that a blueberry pancake brings

One advantage of rear facing with older brothers- getting to watch the light saber battles 

Andrew has started his jedi training as well 

So many good memories through the month but I'm hoping that January might be a little less busy and that the sickness will stay away!