Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Holland Christmas

Things didn't quite go like we had hoped this Christmas with Ryan's family.  Unfortunately a few days before the holiday sweet Davis came down with hand, foot, and mouth and after talking to our pediatrician we decided we couldn't chance letting the babies get it so we had to change the Christmas plans. We were all so so sad!  We had a great time with Nana and Pop but it definitely wasn't the same without everyone else.  We are hoping next year is going to be better for sure! 

James playing the annual gift tree game that Nana makes 

Harrison wanted a turn too
He got his drum set! He was thrilled!

James was super excited that we gave Wii Sports Resort to Pop :) 

I loved James's expression when he got his Christmas money
Harrison was very proud that he painted the tree this year. He also wanted to make sure it included a little bit of his favorite color- orange. :) 
Testing out Pop's new game

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