Wednesday, December 16, 2015

3 Months Old!

3 Months Old- 2 Weeks Adjusted

Andrew: 10 pounds 6 ounces!  Wears newborn and 0-3 months, size one diapers

Kate: 8 pounds 2 ounces, our petite princess! Newborn sizes are still plenty big on her.

The best thing about being 3 months old is that we finally got to take our pictures at HOME!!!  Since Andrew got home a couple of weeks ago my main goals have been to work on getting him nursing (vs taking pumped bottles), getting him and Kate back on the same schedule, and getting into some kind of routine with all four kids (still working on this one).

Both babies eat every 3 1/2 to 4 hours depending on how good of a nap they get and what else is going on.  They normally do well the first half of the night but then the second half can be brutal. They love to tag team me- one wakes up and cries, get that one settled, a few minutes later the other one is up.  Sleep deprivation with two babies is no joke, not to mention having the two older kids as well.  It takes me a good hour or more to feed and get them both back to sleep and right now they have to be fed separately while Andrew is on the heart monitor.

Andrew, this has been another big month for you! We had a super scary episode with you at the hospital where you had a bad brady, turned blue, and you had to be bagged with oxygen.  My heart dropped when the doctor called to tell me and I rushed over to give you extra cuddles.  After that rough day you turned a corner and surprised us all when you got to come home a week later!  We were all so thankful! Before you were discharged your dad and I were trained on how to use your heart monitors and it was definitely nerve wracking. Thankfully you only have had two real episodes at home and only one that really scared me. Of course that happened when I was home alone with all of the kids!  The monitor also always seems to malfunction whenever you are asleep which means even less sleep for your mama.  It has taken us a few days to get to know your likes and dislikes and to get into a rhythm with you but we seem to be figuring it out now.  After you had been home for a bit the doctor gave us the go ahead to start nursing again. I was a little skeptical that you would be able to pick it back up but after a lot of work you got the hang of it.  You and your sister are both still on two bottles a day of a special preemie formula with extra calories and nutrition. You are also still on reflux meds and you are both on vitamins and iron because you are both anemic.  Trying to measure it all out along with dealing with the monitors makes me feel like a nurse sometimes.  You and Kate are worth every bit of time and effort it takes though! 

Kate you have surprised us this past month in that you have become much more laid back. You and Andrew seem to have switched places. You go with the flow and are mostly content but when you are unhappy you have an extremely loud and shrill cry.  Another thing that is different about you is that you love taking a bath while Andrew hates it.  You also do better nursing and are more tolerant of tummy time.  James and Harrison are completely enamored with you and though you are the youngest and the tiniest you definitely rule the family! For the most part we keep you and Andrew home as much as possible to stay away from germs and because it is also just easier. Neither of you seem to mind. :) 

Our 3 month photo shoot. I have quickly learned that getting a decent picture of both kids is just about impossible...

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