Sunday, November 1, 2015

Kate Comes Home!

From the beginning of this journey one of my hopes was that the babies would come home together.  I didn't want to separate them- they were twins, they had been together their whole life.  Life would be even more complicated splitting them. The thought of trying to juggle a newborn at home (with special preemie needs), having two other young kids, bringing a baby back and forth to the hospital each day, etc. made me really hope they would be discharged at the same time but alas another thing that didn't go as planned. It became evident that Kate would be ready to come home a good bit before Andrew.  The day before she turned six weeks old we got the okay for her to be released.  In order for her to go home she had to maintain her body temperature, have no apnea or bradycardia spells for at least 5-7 days, be eating and growing well, and pass her car seat test.  

Here is their little corner of the nursery
I had planned on changing Andrew's clothes into his matching going home outfit but he was sleeping so soundly I ended up not bothering him
Both were sleeping away 

Brother Sister snuggles before we left 

I love this of them holding hands. I also think it's funny how Kate's hair sticks up so much compared to his. 

This was another really hard day for me. When I got in that wheelchair to be wheeled out with Kate I broke down and cried. I felt terrible about leaving Andrew. It didn't feel right. I just had twins, not one baby.  At least when I left them before they had each other but now he was all alone. It was awful and and as happy as I was to get to bring Kate home, the whole day was tainted with sadness for us.  Definitely not the typical happy homecoming with a new baby and definitely not what we had always imagined.  When we got home we had about ten minutes before Nana showed up with the boys so we decided to show Kate her room (which is still not finished, lol)  

The boys were so excited to have her home!

Ryan took this and said, "Is there such a thing as too much pink?" - not when it's your only girl! ;) 
James wanted her to have her puppy
Harrison decided her chair made a nice stool for him to climb on to see in her crib better 
I'm so thankful they finally are getting to know their sister 

We tried for a group shot
Later that night Ryan and his mom went to see Andrew at the hospital. This was after I got the kids fed  and bathed and we were getting ready to read books. I felt like I had accomplished something doing it on my own with all three! 
Having Kate home has been good for all of us. Yes it has meant less sleep and it is definitely a struggle jumping back and forth with her to the hospital but it has given me a baby to snuggle with at home which I am so grateful for.  It is different bringing home a preemie and dealing with some of the issues and concerns they have but so far she has done really well. I have tried to remind myself that this is a unique opportunity to have some one on one time with her which I will not normally have.  For the most part the boys have adored her and are completely obsessed with their little five pound sister.  We all love her so much! 

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  1. How sweet and sad all at the same time. I can totally see what you mean about leaving one and taking one home. But, you are doing this gracefully!!! Glad to know Andrew is home now!