Thursday, October 8, 2015

James and Harrison meet Andrew and Kate

The boys really wanted to meet the babies.  The NICU has pretty strict rules about visitors, especially younger children.  I had to make them an appointment during a certain time frame for them to be allowed in.  I did feel that it was really important for them to meet their brother and sister and also to try to gain some understanding of what was going on.  

On their way to the NICU
Stopping by the aquarium 

Harrison seemed so big and grown up to me

The charge nurse helped explain to James what he would see 
He wasn't scared at all though! He immediately wanted to touch them 

Harrison was so funny - he kept getting their names confused. Poor guy could not keep them straight. 
He really wanted to touch them too. I told him he could touch the glass on their beds, I wasn't quite ready to trust him with touching a baby!  The funny thing is he told all of his teachers at school, "I got to touch the glass!" He was so proud!
Blowing Kate a kiss
James said it looked like Star Wars because of the blue lights and all the equipment 
Harrison said, "They opened it up and took them out"- meaning out of Mommy's belly. The whole pregnancy he kept asking me to open up my belly and take the babies out. He finally got his wish!

Picture with Andrew
Picture with Kate

The boys coming to visit the babies was special for a lot of reasons but one that stood out to me was that it was our first experience with all six of us together. I still cannot believe I have four children!!!


  1. Emily, Just wanted you to know we have followed your blog since you started it in Louisiana through Mandy's blog. We are so proud of you. Your children are beautiful all of them and so are you. The Privette's

  2. I can't believe you have 4 kids either!! So happy for you!