Monday, August 31, 2015

Aug Misc

Well this was a busy and month full of unexpected twists and turns. It started off with our typical carefree days of summer and ended with me being on complete bed rest and the boys starting back to preschool. It's been a whirlwind!

Dr. Harrison taking care of Daddy

Harrison's artwork 
Spray park at the YMCA

After swim lessons
This day at swim lessons they learned what to do if you fall off a boat.
I was so happy to get to go to sweet Hazel's baptism
I was so happy to see Kathleen. She also brought me tons of baby stuff AND my double stroller for the infant carriers all the way from Chicago!!!
First ride on his new bike 
He has had lots of rides since!
I can't believe this pretty girl will be one in just a couple of months
Nothing like a small bite of cake 
The many faces of Harrison during a hair cut 

I had to sneak this picture of him napping. I love how peaceful he looks!
We have a lot left to do before these babies come but they do have a place to sleep
And they have a way to get home
Uncle David came to see James for his birthday 

Basketball game
And then a little t-ball
Watching the yard people cut down tree limbs makes for some good entertainment
Poor Harrison had a couple of days of having a really high fever 
Happy 2nd birthday Davis!
And my other Davis- how is he growing so fast?!?!
First official day of bed rest. Who says you have to be alone in the bed? 
Harrison was pumped that Nene got him his own suitcase 
Just dancing on the furniture 
And having a tantrum on the bathroom floor
We have done what we said we would never do- put a tv in the bedroom for while I'm stuck in bed these next couple of months 
Helping Pop with the boat. Bless his heart his mom makes him wear these big hats so he doesn't get too much sun on his face. Sorry boys!

James has adopted the babies' closet as his hideout for building Lego creations away from Harrison
Hanging out with mom in the bed early one morning 
Fixing his guitar with his screwdriver 

The boys got to have a fun weekend in Greenville at Nana and Pop's house and Nana sent me lots of pictures so I knew what they were up to.

James worked hard and made me a special necklace 
Snack time with Aunt Whitney who had come to town 
Harrison felt the need to check out Davis's baby equipment 
He also gave him a push on the swing. Hang on tight Davis!
They got to celebrate Granny Baker's birthday 

Ryan went to pick them up and got to spend some time with his favorite nephew 

Love this picture and their expressions!
Playing cards with Mommy in bed
One of two beautiful bouquets of flowers that Ryan got me to cheer me up after my baby shower was canceled. One bouquet for each baby he said. 

I got a laugh out of this and sent it to Ryan. Hooray for the last trimester!
Ryan's mom brought more gifts from people who were planning on coming to the shower and she and my mom and I had a fun time opening them together. I'm so thankful for both of the Grandmas and how much they love us and our kids!

Finally I had to include this sweet picture that James made me after I was put on bed rest. He drew all the members of our family (that extra pink thing he told me was a slide because he had messed up Kate at first and then crossed it out, lol).  He drew each family member in their favorite color shirts and I thought it was so precious that he included the babies at the end. I taped it to my wall in my bed room to remind myself how blessed we are and what our goal is with the pregnancy- two healthy babies that can be a part of our family.