Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Misc

It's been another super busy and full month! Here are some of our memories!

Does anyone else have a child who wants to go to time out and voluntarily puts himself in it???

"I go to time out Mommy!"
Getting ready to try out his new balance bike 
Showing off his horse that he made
Date night selfie 
Harrison was SO excited that it rained and he got to use his new umbrella and rain boots
At small group H and another kid had birthdays so the other mom made cupcakes. After taking a couple of bites Harrison decided that he really would rather have a banana. 
9 year anniversary! We had a hard time doing our yearly photo with our fingers this year for some reason. 
Picture for dad from James. And for all of you non Lego movie fans that is Emmet and the kragle. 
Superhero birthday party across the street

This is the look we get when Mommy doesn't get Harrison up from his nap
James had his first experience of saving his money and taking his money bag to the store to buy something he was wanting. He worked hard doing extra chores to buy some new Legos.
Suddenly the boys are into wrestling and horsing around.  
Harrison insisted on wearing his helmet in the car. We take safety seriously here, lol. 
Showing off their hats that they made at Play Date camp
Of course Harrison had to keep his on for lunch 
Bathtub paint time. A nice indoor activity on a very hot day.
Don't know why this picture won't turn the right way but a picture drawn by James of him and daddy playing basketball outside together 

Solo Target run with H. So much easier with just him!
My parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary! 
James begged for a sleepover with me so I let him one night. This is him in his "nest" that he made. 

Drinking out of the sprinkler
Had to include this cutie pie
James is about done with taking naps but has 2 hours of independent time in his room each day. This day I guess he got tired because when I went to check on him he had put himself to bed.
Blueberry picking!

Tried to do a group selfie but H got cut out!
Lunch at the pool with Barr

James's favorite thing to do- play basketball with daddy
Harrison begged Ryan for a bike ride.
When they got back I said it was time for bath. H plopped himself down and said, "This is my bath!" 
It can be hard to be two 

Attempt at the pogo stick 
We were supposed to spend some time at the beach with Whitney and Rod and then Harrison got sick. James ended up going by himself and had a great time. Thankfully Harrison bounced back quick and we got some quality one on one time with him at home. 

We were excited that Whitney, Rod and Davis stopped by to see us.

We went to Greenville for our gender reveal party. Harrison started working on his big brother skills. 

I took the boys to the beach for the day to visit with Sara and Rebecca. 

Harrison and Davis bonded over their love of snacks. 

James was so thrilled to see Reese 

Reese insisted on using the selfie stick to take a picture of her and James!