Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day

I felt super loved this Mother's Day. We ended up celebrating throughout the week. It started off with Muffins with Mom with Harrison.  It was so fun to see him with his little friends at school. 

Singing some songs for us

My pretty card, cup, and flower he gave me. 

I have to confess that our of his whole class Harrison was the ONLY child sent to time out while the moms were there. Oh Harrison, you are going to be a handful! Later that week I got to have a special breakfast with James. I loved seeing how excited James was about me coming. I know he won't always think having his mom around is so awesome so I am soaking it up for now!

This card was waiting for me at my table

Responses from the kids about their moms

Singing some songs 

The kids had helped the teachers make cinnamon rolls 

My gift! A decorated cookie jar with cookie mix inside. 
We ended up making the cookies for us to have for dessert that weekend.

Ryan remembered that I said I wished Mother's Day was on Saturday (bc Sunday is so crazy with church etc.) so he got up early with the boys, went and picked up breakfast, took them out for the morning, and then surprised me with a babysitter and dinner downtown! 

The next day we went to church, all took a nap, and then headed to Greenville to cook out with my parents.  All in all a very relaxing and special weekend. We were sad to not celebrate with Ryan's mom but she had a good excuse. She was in SC visiting Whitney and sweet Davison! What a wonderful mother's day gift for them! 

That morning I was given my gifts. I cannot even describe how excited James was to give me his present. He had seen a pair of earrings at T.J Maxx and begged Ryan to let him get them for me. He was so proud!

I also got a new pocket book, wallet, and book. Good job Ryan! :) 

I look hideous. I had just rolled out of bed and taken a quick shower. 

So thankful and grateful for these boys and the gift of being their mom!!!


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