Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Misc

I say it every month but how is time going by so fast?!?! I can't believe it's the end of another year of preschool and time for summer. Here are all of our random May memories!

Watching a little TV with Pappy
The daily tantrum
My flower bouquet from James
And my love note from him. He told me that the hearts represented Daddy, Mommy, James, Harrison, and baby Georgia. Melt my heart- he is such a sweetie!
My helper
Favorite toy of choice lately- a water bottle to squirt
T-ball game
A little night time craziness before bed 

Sure it's normal to hang out under a clothes basket 

We constantly hear this phrase, "It's so sunny. I need my glasses!"
James got to participate in a play with church. He was super excited about this shield he made. 

Bubble Mohawk 
Donuts with Dad

A highlight for me this month was getting to meet sweet Malli. The first girl baby in our bible study group after 4 boys! 

We really need to work on keeping this kid's pants on!

Last day of preschool chapel. Harrison was dancing away. 
James and his buddy Troy 
End of preschool indoor picnic 

Harrison and Ms. Janet
Harrison and Ms. Tracy
James and Ms. Kit and Ms. Anita

Light saber fight 

Harrison enjoying his Memorial Day cupcake at the beach 

Outdoor painting 
The boys did an extended week of summer school and I got this picture of Harrison doing dinosaur tracks 
Sweet brother moment. I looked over and H had ran to see James and James was giving him a kiss from the dugout 
This child...
Is full of personality! 

Final T-ball game. James was SO proud of his trophy!

That turn into tackles
Late night dance party on the "stage" (mattress)

Life is crazy around here but I wouldn't change it for anything!

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