Friday, May 22, 2015

A Very Happy Birthday!

I remember last year on my birthday being in Shreveport. Ryan worked late.  We were stressed about the upcoming move. The highlight of the day was eating lunch alone with the boys at the pizza place. The year before that I was less than two weeks away from having Harrison, insanely huge, and Ryan got paged for an emergency and so I didn't see him.  This is not me having a pity party (because I had much to be thankful for on those days!) but just to say how grateful and thankful I was this year to get to spend time with the kids and Ryan and family.  I will never take it for granted! 

The weekend before my birthday my mom and dad took me out for dinner. 

I woke up the morning of my birthday to a Face time call from my sweet niece!  
It was the kids last day of preschool. While they were gone (and throughout the day) I got to catch up with several friends and got lots of sweet messages. Ryan took a half day off of work and surprised me by taking me to lunch on the waterfront in Beaufort. The weather was gorgeous and we both were super relaxed. 

When we got home I was really surprised to see David's car in our driveway! He had driven all the way for Wilmington just to have dinner with us and then he had to drive back. Is he great or what? 

James sure loves his Uncle!
The boys convinced me we needed cake before dinner. Who was I to argue with that? 

James helped me the first time and then we re-lit the candle so Harrison could help. Got to be fair! 

Crazy child

Playing a game together 

We were excited that Ryan's parents also stopped by for a minute. They brought me a sweet card and gift and a cake!!! It was delicious and yes James convinced us that we needed to try it that night too. You can't have too much cake on your birthday!

I got several sweet birthday cards but here were a couple of my favorites. 

Uncle David 
Harrison with a little help from Uncle. He was very adamant about what he wanted drawn!
After we put the boys to bed Ryan, David, and I just hung out for awhile laughing and catching up.  It was a wonderful birthday!!!

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