Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Well, we have entered the world of baseball. I have to admit as we walked up to the field I started having flashbacks of my childhood that was basically spent at the ball field watching my brother play. The bleachers, the waiting, the smells, the stains on the clothes, the big league chew. It all came rushing back, lol. One of my earliest memories of baseball was David playing Pee-wee. He was probably about 5 and I was the bat girl for the team at age 3 while my dad coached. Anyway, James has become sport obsessed so when we found out that there is a big Sunday school league in town we signed him up. He loves it! Here are a few pictures from the opening ceremony and his first game. 

He was pretty excited that he not only had Uncle David's number but he also had Mickey Mantle's. 

My mom came for the first game and to lend a hand.

Opening ceremony 

All the kids from our church 

Harrison kept saying, "My turn t-ball. My turn!"

After the first game I told Ryan that I hoped none of our kids were athletic because I wasn't cut out for being a sports mom. I just enjoy my nights at home, lol. However I don't think this is going to be the case because if there is one thing James wants to be doing lately its playing a sport: baseball, basketball, soccer, football, etc. I think we may have many more seasons of sports ahead!

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