Monday, April 13, 2015

Potty Training

Over spring break I decided to start potty training Harrison. I could tell he was ready and as miserable as potty training is I wanted to be done with it.  I sent James off to Grandma camp for a few days so I could focus on H.  The first day was just like I remembered, lots and lots of accidents. 

Baking together. I tried to think of lots of indoor activities for us. 

How cute are his little undies?

Sure- it's normal to dance around in your underwear with your toothbrush
By the second and third day he only had one accident each day. Way to go Harrison! 

We did have a few meltdowns. Not so much from the potty training but just because life is hard when you are almost two. 
By the third day I was SO stir crazy so I broke the rules, left the house, and we picked up lunch. 

We also ventured outside.

We definitely watched more tv than normal. It is hard being in the house for three days straight! 
By the end of the three days Harrison was telling me whenever he needed to go potty. Great! Mission accomplished. Well... I quickly learned that potty training your second child is a lot more challenging than your first. Due to a busy schedule for James this spring (t-ball, swim, etc.) we were on the go a lot more. This lead to things like him needing to go potty at the random ball field with no potty in sight. Long story short, we resorted to pull ups for outings (totally out of convenience for mom and dad) and as soon as he wasn't in underwear full time he started having more accidents. Oh well! He is still doing really well most days and we will brush up on it this summer once life settles down a bit. I have to admit that it is nice not changing diapers! 

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