Wednesday, February 18, 2015

James 4 1/2

I can't believe my sweet boy is 4 1/2! Before I know it he will be five and that seems SO old!!! Currently on most days James is my easy child (I have no doubt this will change at times in the future).  He is by no means perfect (considering the enormous tantrum he threw 48 hours ago) but four has been such a nice age compared to three!  He is polite and helpful.  He can play for extended amounts of time by himself.  He is a wonderful brother and loves Harrison so much.  Without a doubt his two favorite activities now are building Legos and playing basket ball or football outside. He has also become obsessed with watching sports on TV and his favorite team is the Pirates. He enjoys spending time with all of his family but has a special love for time with Daddy or "just the boys" (a.k.a. Daddy and H)  He loves school and learning and has just about already bypassed me in the math department. Just kidding (kind of) but he is great at adding, subtracting, telling time, money, etc. I can't keep up with his brain on most days. I'm extremely thankful that he STILL takes a nap! Believe it or not, he naps significantly better now than he did the entire first year of his life which is pretty crazy.  If I had to describe him in one word it would be sweet.  Here are some of the sweet things he has said recently. 

When my mom asked him for a french fry- "I sure would love to share with you Nene."

"I just love my baby brother so much. He is the best brother in the world."

"We have a whole lot of love in our family." 

"I love Jesus the most of anyone in the world."

He has such a sweet sweet personality and heart. He brings so much joy to our family! 

Saying "cheers" with our milk and homemade cookies 
He addressed this card to us. I was surprised he knew our street number 

Maybe one day he will keep his clothes on. It was about 20 degrees outside this day. 
Magna Tile creation 
A picture of me, haha

He made this at the gym: stickers in sets of five to count to 55. He is a little math nerd, lol. 

Lego creation 
We get multiple cards each day that he makes for us. I love that his first independent sentence he can write is "I love you." 

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