Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Rest of Christmas Break

We tried to make the most of the rest of our Christmas break. 

We met Rebecca and Davis at Great Harvest. I'm not sure we can ever go there again after this breakfast...

Uncle David got James this awesome basketball shoes which he immediately had to try out when we got home
I managed to take all four kids to the park by myself. The weather was so beautiful that we had to get out of the house. 
My attempt at keeping both babies happy...
Oh Harrison. Does the child ever wear clothes for an entire day? 
Amy and Eve came for a visit!
So thankful for all those babysitter hours Ryan and I did years ago with the 4 Ellis kiddos- good training for the future.:) 
Sweet boy
Playing games with Nene 
Harrison- "Mom, I'm going to take this drill and fix that light bulb" 

Starting to get glimpses of smiles 

Morning at the aquarium

We stopped at El's for lunch and it POURED rain.  We ended up doing an indoor picnic in the mini van. Another way that car has come in useful!
The weather was so warm we put on some summer clothes for a little photo session 
Andrew wasn't so sure about it

Last day of 2015!
The life of the princess


This picture from James's first Christmas always made Ryan and I laugh so we have done it with each of our other kids during their first Christmases.  I thought it would be fun to look at them all together! All of their expressions are so funny to me.
James- 4 months 
Harrison- 6 months 
Andrew- 3 months actual, 1 month adjusted 
Kate- 3 months actual, 1 month adjusted 

Creech Christmas

Christmas at the Creech house was a little chaotic and a lot of fun this year.  Lots of babies and kids running around! It was so crazy that we finally just let the kids open their stuff, fed them chicken fingers, put them all to bed, and then the adults ate our steak dinner in peace and opened the rest of the presents.  It was quickly decided that we will be doing it this way for the next ten years or so. 

Harrison insisted on playing us a tune before we opened presents 
I also insisted that we attempt to get a picture of the cousins 

Poor Andrew 
I love Harrison in this one
The babies spent a good part of the day napping

They also wanted to have a little tummy time under the tree

Harrison wanted a turn in the bouncy seat...
Sweet kisses for Kate
The weather was so warm and beautiful this year

The kids all love their Nene and Pappy!
Thank goodness for the self timer! 

Dec Misc

Warning: Picture Overload. It's been a fun month! 

Just chilling
So happy Aunt Randy came to visit
And Uncle Bobby!
"baby" Harrison 

We do a lot of tummy time around here 
Nana and Kate on Nana's birthday
We broke out of the house to take Nana to a birthday brunch 
Decorating the tree

I still can't believe we have six stockings! 
Aunt Whitney gave us these gingerbread houses. It took myself plus both grandmas about 6 hours to get them assembled but it was worth it. The boys loved it!

Trying on her Christmas dress- the newborn size was HUGE. Had to send this one back


So happy Sara came to visit and take pictures 

Whenever H gets hurt he always requests an ice pack 
Kate is super advanced- already holding her bottle lol 
Nana sent me this picture- Harrison decided he wanted to sleep in the big bed at the beach 
Baby burritos 
Nana and Pop took the kids to breakfast with Santa 

I took each kid individually to shop for our angel children.  Harrison picked out this toy for the 2 year old. I was a little worried he wasn't going to give it up!
All loaded up! First time out alone with all four!
Walking the boys into school 

More tummy time!

Nothing like getting punched by your brother 
James did a great job as a sheep in the church play 
Sweet boy

On the way home from church we drove to see the lights in our neighborhood. It is magical!
The next morning H decided he wanted to be the sheep
Everyone has to help out around this house!

This picture just cracks me up. So cute! 
I was so excited to meet in Wilson for a dinner with the girls  

 We also had to come to Greenville for Andrew's follow up appointment with the pediatric ophthalmologist. It gave us a chance to visit with some friends.

Meeting Mrs. Colombo 

Andrew wasn't excited about his eye appointment. The good news is that his issues have resolved themselves so we are done going to that place which I am SO thankful for- those appointments were awful! 

We have still been in the nurse, pump, bottle cycle times 2 babies and it is a full time job! 

This was the onesie I gave Ryan to tell him I was pregnant with James!

One of the sweet nurses at the hospital gave them these outfits. Are they adorable or what?
 The weather this month was unseasonably warm and we took advantage of it. Being outside means we don't have to worry as much about germs so we could go out to eat and escape the house! :)

Sunday brunch 
Lunch downtown 

Ms. Priss 

This is one of my favorite pictures James has drawn- his version of the nativity story 
When we were at the hospital in Greenville these cutie twin boys were our neighbor at the special care nursery. Our first play date together! 

I really wanted to make something with the kids' hand prints and footprints but the thought of dragging all four to the paint place made me very nervous.  We also are supposed to be keeping the babies as isolated as possible this winter. I ended up calling the paint store and the nice owner allowed me to come pick out pottery pieces and she sent me home with a paint kit to do the projects. We ended up doing a Christmas tree ornament with their fingerprints and then a plate with the babies' footprints and the boys' hand prints.

Harrison playing doctor with Andrew while James teaches him football
Hot chocolate before movie night 

Movie night! H was a little scared of the Grinch 

Harrison will ask to hold a baby and then ten seconds later he always says, "I'm done!" 

I'm so glad the boys got to go see my dad when he was ringing the bell for the Salvation Army 

They also went on a trolley ride to look at Christmas lights 
This is what you do when you only have one swing 
Super dad!
This was Ryan's idea lol 
Harrison was really interested in my parents nativity set 

Nana and Pop's house is ready for Christmas!